You’re so Radiant!

A kinnie of mine asked me in the week, ‘How much radiance do I need to join a Watcher raid?’ This took me a little by surprise.

Now, I’m definitely a ‘Casual’ gamer – my gaming time is generally between 10 and 15 hours a week and I like to ‘play’ with whatever time I have, so whenever I’m online, unless I’m looking for something specific, I stay well away from the forums.

All that said, I was still surprised that someone who plays pretty much every day, and has a well traited, well put together level 65 main, would not have some basic knowledge about how much radiance is required for ‘the Watcher’ and, indeed, how much is required for the other radiance-gated raids out there. It occurs to me that this sort of knowledge is presumed, and often left unsaid by the majority of folks ‘in the know’. I mean, my general presumption is that everybody who goes after radiance armour knows about the radiance-gated raids in the game, and how much radiance is required to partake in them; but after asking around, I find that many don’t…

Anyhow, I’ve listed the LOTRO radiance gated raids below (there you go, Gub!), together with their approximate location. Go in and take a peek, if you like!

Name Size Ideal (Minimum)  Radiance Location
The Watcher 12 man 60 (50) Vile Maw, Waterworks, Moria
Dar Narbugud 12 man 90 (70) Foundations of Stone, Moria
Barad Guldur 12 man 120 (120) Dol Guldur, Mirkwood

In case anyone reading this doesn’t know, ‘radiance’ is a stat on armour pieces that are currently acquired through 3 and 6-man instances in Moria & Mirkwood. The following is a basic guide to what ‘radiance armour’ is available, and from where:

Tier One Radiance armour pieces

Anyone of level 58 and over can start collecting Moria Medallions. These can be acquired from any of the following 6-man Moria instances (Grand Stairs, Forges, Skumfil, 16th Hall, Dark Delving, and Fil Gashen).

Since the advent of Siege of Mirkwood (SoM), most people seem to be just picking the easiest of these instances, Grand Stairs (GS), and farming it. A daily hard-mode (HM) run though GS will net 7 Moria Medallions (any further GS runs on a given day will net a given toon only 4 medallions). Once you have ten or more Moria Medallions, you can pop to your class trainer in the 21st Hall, and start exchanging them for one of six class-specific armour pieces with 10-radiance.

It’s worth noting that the 10-radiance boots, gloves, chest piece and leggings (i.e. four pieces) form part of a six-piece ‘set’. The other two radiance pieces of the set are ‘tier three’ (20-radiance) pieces that can only be acquired from ‘The Watcher’ raid (see ‘tier three’, below).

The 10 radiance helm and shoulder guards are stand alone pieces, and are the least desirable of all the 10-radiance LOTRO radiance pieces, in my opinion.

Tier Two Radiance armour pieces

The tier two radiance pieces consist of three pieces of 15-radiance armour (chest piece, gloves, and leggings), and can be worn by level 59s upwards. These can be acquired by collecting Lothlorien Medallions, and bartering them at your class trainer in 21st Hall, or at your class trainer in Caras Galadhon. As of SoM, these pieces can also be acquired by collecting Dol Guldur Medallions and bartering them at your class trainer in Emyn Lum, Mirkwood.

The ‘tier two’ 15-radiance pieces, apart from the radiance stat, are way worse than the tier one 10 radiance pieces, and constitute by far the worse radiance gear in the game. That said, they’re easy to get hold of, and if you want to get enough radiance to run Barad Guldur, without getting tier three or tier four pieces, they’ll help!

Lothlorien Medallions are found within the following instance in Moria:

– Halls of Crafting (6–man, Flaming Deeps)

– Hall of Mirrors (3-man, Zirakzigil)

– Water Wheels (3-man, Waterworks)

Tier Three Radiance armour pieces

If you have 50-radiance, are level 58 or above, and you can find 11 buddies (or less if you’re daring), head for the Watcher. Bringing him down will give you the chance of rolling on one or two Platinum Coins, which can then be whisked off to your class trainer in the 21st Hall to be exchanged for either a 20-radiance helm, or 20-radiance shoulders.

Tier Four Radiance armour pieces

If you already have 70 or more radiance, and are level 60 or above, you can chase the tier four pieces. These all have 20-radiance, and can be obtained by bartering coin drops from the Dar Narbugud raid, at class trainers in Caras Galadhon in Lothlorien. I’ve never set foot in Dar Narbugud, so I’ll say no more.

Tier five Radiance armour pieces

There are 3 tier five pieces (boots, helm, and shoulder guards) that can be put together with the 3 tier two pieces (see above) to form a full set (at least visually – there is no ‘full-set’ bonus). If your maths is up-to-scratch, you’ll realise that the 3 tier five pieces, together with the 3 tier two pieces, will give you enough radiance (120 in total) to run Barad Guldur…(Coincidence? I think not…)

Tier five pieces (for level 65s) are can be bartered from your class trainer in Emyn Lum, using Medallions of Dol Guldur. These are found in the following Mirkwood instances:

– Sword Hall (3-man, Dol Guldur)

– Warg Pens (3-man, Dol Guldur)

– Dungeons of Dol Guldur (3-man, Dol Guldur)

– Sammath Gul (6-man, Dol Guldur)

Tier 6 Radiance armour pieces

Currently top of the tree, is the 6-piece set of 30-radiance gear that can be acquired from coin drops in the 12-man Barad Guldur (BG) instance. Of course, you need 120-radiance to be able to attempt BG. Anyone managing to get all six will then have a whopping 180-radiance, and a very nice armour set (stat wise) to boot, by the looks!

There we have it. When I started writing this, I had no intention of writing a radiance gear guide. All of the above information is available elsewhere, so I’ve really just written this version for those that find it, and might consider it informative. Of course, please let me know if you notice any mistakes!


2 Responses to “You’re so Radiant!”

  1. Hi – Apparently the Radiance requirements have been recently removed. A kinnie of mine who is a raid leader invited Apelred to do Dar Narbugud & Apel doesn’t have any Radiance gear. See a post about a casual stumbling around a raid here

    • Yup – Radiance is now ancient history in LoTRO – thankfully. I was a bit dubious when they removed it, but getting raid groups together is soooooo much easier now, that it was definitely a good move by Turbine to remove it. 🙂

      We ran DN last week, for old times sake – and very enjoyable it still is. It’s still a good challenge too – even for level 65s. Plus the armour drops are still quite desirable. Gratz on your run through it!

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