Doomed Dev

I actually haven’t posted since the volume three, chapter one, LOTRO update came out. That was a couple of weeks ago. What I’ve been up to since, is a mixture of farming, running volume three book one, farming, and, errrrrm, farming some more. I’d honestly like to meet the dev that decided to remove flour from the cooking vendors, and instead make us cooks grind our own. That dev, in my opinion, deserves a one way trip to Mount Doom. Maybe the idea is to force everyone to roll a farmer? At least everyone who’s not content to buy their food in the auction house…?!

Anyhow, farming was one skill I’d pretty much totally neglected on all my toons, but no longer! I’m almost up to ‘Supreme Master Farmer’, and may that be the end of it! I’ve drunk far too many beers over the last couple of weeks, with my poor hobbit stood in the middle of one Shire field or another, growing everything from blueberries to potatoes. Farming has to be the most boring way of spending your time in the whole game. How anyone can think that it in any way adds to the LOTRO experience, is totally beyond my comprehension. But maybe that’s just me….?

I actually quite like the rest of the volume three update. The volume three, chapter one storyline takes us back though numerous zones, and ends up with a nice little skirmish in the Rift. Jolly good fun, with some nice legendary item upgrades thrown in as rewards (if you want them). I still haven’t finished the volume two epilogue quests, and, to be honest, may never do so – but volume three has gotten off to a good start. I’m hopping the next chapter will take us into a new zone (Rohan?), though; I’m pretty bored of Mirkwood at this stage – it’s just too murky, and if anyone asks me to run Sword Hall one more time, I just know I’ll burst into tears…

So what to do now? Well, I’m going back to levelling my Rune Keeper (now level 50 and still in Forochel) and my Lore Master (currently level 58 and having fun in Moria). With the lengthening evenings, I’ll be spending more of my time out in my real-life garden, so LOTRO will be taking a bit of a back seat – but I’ll keep posting what I’m up to, so watch this space if you’re interested.


3 Responses to “Doomed Dev”

  1. Lothirieth Says:

    Farming is pretty boring but at least you can afk with it if you’re just leveling it up. I found cooking to be horrible. So many ingredients needed from every tier. Bleh…

    I recommend finishing the epilogues. There are some nice rewards and whilst one quest is long, it’s a bit funny at the end.

    • Yup – finishing the epilogues is well worth it, alright. This is an old post, that I updated yesterday just to add ‘categories’ to it (an ongoing project!); I’ve actually completed all the epilogues on all four of my level capped toons since I wrote it …and quite a while it took… 😉

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