Back to Sammath Gul

While my lore-master is now out of Moria and busy earning Galadhrim reputation for entry into Lorien, my kin has been busy learning Sammath Gul (at last!). We’ve so far had two evenings at it (Saturday and Sunday last) and made it to Gorothul on both occasions – and then wiped. We obviously have to refine our tactics, but our group seems good – Tank, Mini, Burg, Champ, LM, and Cappy. Maybe we’re a bit light on DPS for the Gorothul fight? I’ve heard it described as mayhem, and I’d agree with that. Once you start getting punted around the place, landing on bone piles, we find the fight has just gotten unmanageable for us….so far.

The good new is we’re heading back to SG again this Thursday night, so we’ll see how we go. At least we’re learning not to tread on too many bone piles, and the first two bosses are now easy for us.

Further reports to follow!


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