Blue Roan

Well, with the recent patch fixing a good number of bugs, I’ve finally acquired my Blue Roan steeds for those toons that were due them – see the image below.

My Blue Roan Horse, from the Spring Fest

My Blue Roan Horse, from the Spring Fest

On the playing front, I spent a bit of time with my warden over last weekend, and have zipped up to level 40 by completing all the solo quests in Evendim (Lordy, I still hate all that swimming!), and am now working Tal Bruinen in the Trollshaws, before heading to Aughaire in Angmar to pick up my Fem armour set.

My rune-keeper is now firmly ensconced around Gwingris in Eregion and has hit level 52. I’ll clear my way through Eregion before hitting Moria as, having just gotten my LM out of Moria (and into Lorien), I’m a bit sick of the place.

As I mentioned would happen in my last post, I ran Sammath Gul again with my kin, last Thursday. Again, we didn’t get past Gorothul – we did get him down to 32k, but I think we’ve finally realised that we need more DPS. Next time we’re going with tank, mini, cappy, hunter, LM/burg, and two champs. As an aside, we’ve heading to Dark Delvings this coming Friday for class quests – it’s been a while since I was there, so I’ll be dusting down my shadow mitigation virtues!


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