Getting Fem’d Up

Well, it’s been a quiet couple of weeks on the LOTRO front. Real life has just been too busy. Mind you, I have managed to spend a few hours with my Warden, who I am enjoying playing more and more. I finished up the Trollshaws at the start of last week, and am now working out of Aughaire while acquiring my Fem armour set. I have to say I’m finding the Warden virtually indestructible, at least while soloing. I can happily take on three ‘orange’ (3 or 4 levels above) mobs at the same time, and still come away without stressing. Amazing stuff.

Elsewhere, I’ve taken my Lore-Master up to level 61, and am now happily singing to saplings in Lorien. I’m intending to head over to Mirkwood before I do much else though, as I want to acquire, and start working on, some level 61+ legendary items. There just seems no point in piling weapon XP into items that are level 60 or below, when all that’s going to happen to them is to be broken down into relics.

My rune-keeper is currently still operating around Gwingris in Eregion, and is still level 52. I’ve not played any other alts for a good while, so that’s about it!


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