Missed Legendary Trait

It was a busy weekend in Middle Earth for me. I spend a good while on Saturday afternoon with my hobbit Burglar/Farmer, and finally finished the master farming tier. I’m now working on my supreme farming tier….the joy! I’ve also decided to use this toon to do Summer Festival quests, but I need to get him to level 35 first. I hit level 34 with him on Monday, so hope to hit level 35 by the end of the week, and then do the horse quests before launching into the Summer Festival content, including the acquisition of one of those nice Summer-Fest ponies.

Last weekend I also did some work on my LM/Weaponsmith, and finished up the master tier on her too. I’m not quite sure why I’ve suddenly gone back to crafting again – it’s just an urge that needed to be scratched, I guess. In addition to the crafting, I also organised a run though 2.6.8 yesterday evening, with TWIGs. We rattled through it, and one of our group even picked up the almost mythical teal-version of the ‘Cloak of Shadow and Flame’! Anyhow, I thought that was it for my LM’s legendary traits (you pick one up for finishing volume 2, book 8), but I’ve suddenly realised that I never picked up the ‘Staff & Sword’ trait….not ever! So I now have to traipse around Angmar/Misty Mountains, etc, to grind for pages….how annoying is that?! Doh!

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  1. […] two requirements: (1) Acquisition of pages for my ‘Staff & Shield’ legendary skill deed (see previous post where I describe why this deed is still not complete!, and (2) the maxing out to 10 of some of my […]

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