Un-Lucky Duck

It was raining here most of the weekend, so I got more LOTRO time than I otherwise would. On Friday evening, I levelled my burglar to 35, and ran through the horse quests with him, and then on Saturday and Sunday I worked on Summer Festival quests.
At this point, I have to point out that I absolutely HATE the dwarf and hobbit races. They have driven me MAD. This is probably because I simply never seem to win – well, almost never. Two wins in thirty odd attempts is NOT a good investment of my time, and not good for my stress levels either. I play LOTRO for fun, and these races are NOT fun – to me, anyway. Rant over.
Anyhow, I did manage to pick up some festival tokens in some other events – fishing and horse races – so my burg now looks well on his summer fest mount. 
Pale Summer Golden Pony

Pale Summer Golden Pony


I also picked up one of the nice new hammocks for my house, as well as some new wall coverings – the one from Thorin’s Hall is particularly cool, I think.   

Summer Fest Hammock

Summer Fest Hammock


I actually took the opportunity to completely re-decorate my house, and I’m happy enough with the way it’s turned out! 

Newly Decorated Delux House

Newly Decorated Delux House


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