A Visit to Nala Dum

Well, the Summer Festival ends today, which is fine by me. I picked up the last item that I wanted, last night, which was the summer fest door mat – it just looks better that the brown mat that I’ve been using since….well, forever. I’d long since given up on the Hobbit/Dwarf races, so I got what I needed for the door mat by fishing off the quay in Celondim – a stress-free way to spend twenty minutes.

Last Monday night I ran through 2.8.4 in Nala Dum with my lore-master. I say ‘ran through’ but we did it ‘hard-mode’, which I’d never even attempted before. I’d also never successfully brought down the last boss before, but then neither I, nor any group that I’d previously entered Nala Dum with, had been aware that you needed to pull the levers to stop the last boss regenerating his morale whenever he goes off for a snooze! Anyhow, that trick learnt, our group of three level 65s (my LM, a cappy and a hunter) brought him down without a wipe. I really enjoyed the fight as well!

So, my LM is now at 2.8.6 – which I’m hoping to get done with some kinnies later this week. My LM also still needs eight Moria Medallions to get the 10 Radiance leggings so I’ll be looking to run through GS or Forges one more time each, after which it’ll be back to Mirkwood for some Sword Hall runs (for the 25 radiance shoulders, boots and helm), and for completion of volume 2, and then on to volume 3.

Elsewhere, my Rune Keeper has pretty much completed all the solo quests within Western Durin’s Way, and hit level 56 in the process. Next up, I’ll be heading down into the Silvertine Loads for a bit of Goblin bashing.

The only other thing I’ve been thinking about is my guardian’s traits. I listened to the ‘Warden Roundtable’ podcast from CSTM last week, and the conversation around tanking traits was quite enlightening – Doc Holiday et al were advocating Innocence, Zeal & Empathy as must have traits for all tanks – all for their mêlée defence rating buffs, I presume. Now, I almost always run with Innocence, but I’ve never paid much attention to Zeal and Empathy before now. My empathy is at tier 10 already, so I could swap that in (in place of Justice, maybe?), but I’m going to have to do some serious grinding to get my Zeal up, if I want to use it. Hmmmm….

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