Guards 1 – Thorog 0

I ran Helegrod for the very first time last night, with mixed kin group – the catch being it was an all Guard raid, and yes, we did start out with 24 guards! It took about an hour to get all 24 together – about 9 were from my own kin (Twilight Gathering), some from Hecil, and the rest from other kins. The raid itself took just over ninety minutes to run, with no wipes. We started off with the Coldbear, and then worked our way through all areas, killing all the bosses, and finally ending up with Thorog. Zandu was the only boss to cause us more than one death – due to the acid pool (?) she drops when she dies. Thorog took 1 minute and 26 seconds to down during which we lost only one of the raid, so at the end we had 18 or 19 guards left standing (only 19 ‘cos some had fallen by the wayside due to real-life issues…), and we took a group shot (see below) to celebrate the achievement. All in all, great fun – and I doubt I’ll see 24 guards on the charge again, for a while!

All Guard Helegrod Run - The Victors

All Guard Helegrod Run - The Victors

Over the weekend I levelled my rune-keeper to 57, and she’s now well on the way to 58. I took her all the way to the First Hall, back up to Balin’s camp site, then cleared out the Deep Decent quest hub (Silvertine Loads quests), and am now working my way through the quests out of the 21st Hall (Zelem-melek).

My Lore master has made good progress over the last couple of weeks too – I’ve completed 2.8.6 and am now starting to work through the Mirkwood quest hubs, together with skirmishing through 2.9. I’ve also downed the Turtle again, and run Grand Stairs a couple of times, and need just one Moria Medallion for my 10 radiance leggings.


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