Ups and Downs

Last week was hectic, LOTRO wise, and had significant highs and lows for me.

Following on from last Monday’s successful all-guard Helegrod run, came a near perfect Turtle raid on Tuesday – it went like a dream and it was all over within fifteen minutes.

Last Wednesday I had signed up for a Dar Narbugud raid, but the kin didn’t have enough sign-ups for DN, so we decided to try Sammath Gul instead. This was my first bash at SG since leaving ‘the Hard Biscuits’ so I didn’t know what to expect. I needn’t have worried. We had a very balanced group, with my guard, a cappy, a mini, a champ, a burglar, and a hunter, and we fairly ripped through the instance up to Gorothul. We then wiped on Gorothul at the first time of asking, before bringing him down on the second attempt – my first ever time bringing Gorothul down, and very satisfying it was. Now, I’m quite sure this is old hat to most raiders out there, but to me as a very casual raider, it felt like I’d cracked a really hard nut – a good feeling! To top it, as Gorothul went down hard-mode (HM), we then went on to the last boss Demafaer, brought him down as well, and then I won the roll for Rochben – which in turn means I now have enough radiance gear to run Barad Guldur on my guard (now 125 radiance)!

Rochben - Heavy Gloves

Rochben - Heavy Gloves

But then Thursday came around. We went back into SG with almost the same team as on Wednesday, but substituting the cappy for a rune-keeper – and the run was just a nightmare. We were missing fellowship manoeuvres, stepping on bone piles, and just not working together. Was some of it my fault? Almost certainly. Was everyone making mistakes? Yes again. We wiped about five times before we even got to Gorothul, then wiped twice more on the big fella, before giving up. From feeling like I was playing well in a good team and mastering an instance on Wednesday, to feeling like a poor and inadequate tank on Thursday. Tough to take. Several of the group members were clearly angry/upset at the end of the night – and that I can understand. Highs and lows. I think I need a break from grouping for a few days to get my enthusiasm back – my raiding ‘balloon’ has been well and truly deflated for a while.


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