Sword & Staff

After about five hours of grinding though Forochel and then Angmar, my lore master finally has her ‘Sword and Staff’ legendary trait – and mightily good it is too. I can’t believe I never missed it! Not only do you get the bonuses that the trait itself provides, but also the bonuses from whatever sword you equip – not to mind the additional attacks and subsequent DPS.

My LM also acquired the 10 radiance boots [from the Watcher set] on Tuesday night, after running both the Turtle raid, and Grand Stairs (HM), with my kin. She now has 40 radiance, and is back in Mirkwood trying to finish volume two, and gain Kindred with the Malledhrim. Finally, I even tagged along on my kin’s Sammath Gul run last night, and picked up her first two Dol Guldur medallions in the process…we didn’t manage to kill Gorothul, but it was fun getting there – and I learnt a load, including the importance of mezzing what and when I’m told, and the importance of stun protection on your tank…!

That’s it – nothing else to report – no other toons have been given an outing since my last post!


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