Hello F2P and LUA Plugins

Well, I finally got my LoTRO client patched. In the end this feat was nothing to do with Codemasters, and everything to do with some good detective work by a kin mate, who found a fix to the hash error on a US website (it involved downloading a new all.js file from here). It’s just a shame Codemasters took so long to find & sort the issue themselves.

Once the F2P update had patched, I had no trouble loading the client and heading into Gilrain. I logged each of my toons in turn, and ended up gaining just over 1000 ‘Points’ (Turbine Points in all but name) though previously completed reputation deeds. Being a pay-as-you-go customer, this total was added to the 3000 points that I started with, so I now have just over 4000 points to spend in the new shop. I’m holding off on any spending for the time being though, until I consider what I really want/need. I certainly don’t see myself buying points using real money, so I’m going to be frugal!

The next task that I went about with each of my high level toons, was re-allocating my legendary item (LI) points. This took a fair while, in itself. The re-setting of the skirmish soldiers has also left each of my high level toons with a fair stack of skirmish marks to spend – however, I’m in no rush to do this as I’m intending to not go down my previous ‘herbalist for all’ route; herbalists do great at keeping you alive, but the lack additional DPS sure slows down the completion time. I’m thinking along the lines of a Protector for my Rune-keeper, a Sage for my Guardian, and maybe (another) Herbalist for my lore-master. I’m going to browse the forums first though, just to see if I can come to some other ideas.


The main part of the F2P update that I’ve explored so far is the LUA scripting (albeit still in beta). I spent two hours on Wednesday night, playing with several plug-ins, including ‘Palantir’, ‘Buffbars’, and ‘Pet Carousel’. So far, Palantir is definitely my favourite – I love the HUD type look for morale and power bars.
I did have high hopes for ‘Buffbars’, but I was back in Dar Narbugud last night with my LM, and I really found that it wasn’t showing many of the buffs that I was hoping to see. It doesn’t show buffs cast by you on other toons, for instance; I was hoping to be able to more easily see when stun immunity (cast by me) was wearing off our tank – no joy – and the same goes for blinding flash (i.e. stun) wearing off mobs.

Pet Carousel is just something that I won’t use 99% of the time – but will leave it loaded on my LM anyway.

I’m using ‘Plugin Manager’ for loading all my desired plug-ins, for each toon, using the one line ‘/plugin load manager’ command – it works well.

The next job as far as my UI is concerned it to find a new skin that improves on the default skin. I was using Azure Blue, but it doesn’t work with the new F2P layout – so I either need an updated version, or a replacement.


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