Mistress of Pestilence – Downed!

Well, my shiny new PC arrived last week. I’m very happy with it. But what I neglected to check when I ordered it, was the power output of the PSU (Power Supply Unit). The supplied PSU outputs a mere 300W, and my graphics card requires a PSU with an output of at least 400W. So, new PSU on order – *sigh*. In the meantime, I’ve been plodding along using my kids’ PC which, I truth be told, has at least allowed me to get in-game.

My major news from the last couple of weeks is that I was finally in on a run all the way through Dar-Narbugud with my kin, which brought down the Mistress [of Pestilence]. Added to that, my LM also completed the ‘Reaver of Dar Narbugud’ deed! The only slight downside is that I still haven’t won a roll for one of the 20 radiance armour pieces, even after rolling 20-odd times – but am I worried…? Nope!

The EU version of the autumn festival finished here in the EU last week, and despite trying everyday, I didn’t manage to get the skeleton horse on any other toon other than my warden. Still, one skeleton horse/pony is better than none – with the 1 in 100 chance of one dropping, per day, one is still an achievement.

I’ve also managed to run the majority of the newly revamped ‘Classic’ instances, at this stage. I’ve so far managed:

  • The School (HM)
  • The Library (NM)
  • Helegrod Giant-Wing (HM)
  • Helegrod Drake-Wing (HM)
  • Annuminas – Ost Elendil (HM)
  • Annuminas – Haudh Valandil (HM)
  • Great Barrow – The Maze (HM)
  • Great Barrow – Thadur (HM) 

But crash-and-burned whilst trying to complete:

  • Helegrod Spider-Wing
  • Great Barrow – Sambrog

I’ve yet to try:

  • Helegrod Dragon Wing (24 man)
  • Annuminas – Glinghant 

Out of the above completed instances, I’ve so far picked up a total of 8 Superior Third Marks – but have yet to decide what to do with them. I’m torn between bartering them for a Symbol of Celebrimbor, or for the new Helegrod armour pieces. Anyhow, so far I have to say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the re-vamped Classics – they’re new, challenging and entertaining.

In my ‘spare’ time I’ve been working my way through Enedwaith on my main. I’ve now found all of the stables and am probably about two-thirds of the way through the zone on my main. So far, I have to say, it’s been very enjoyable – if a little ‘unchallenging’.

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