No Fun At All

I ran 2.8.4, in Nalâ-dûm, on my level 63 rune-keeper (healing-traited) last night. With a level 59 warden tanking, and a level 62 burglar for DPS, it was hard going. We wiped once on the way to Spit-Tail, and then wiped three more times before we killed him.

Once we finished the 2.8.4 quest, we then had a quick go at killing Caerlûg – which lasted about 30 seconds before we wiped. All told, we were all just too squishy, too low level and too under-DPSed. Our warden had major trouble holding aggro once I started healing too, which caused no end of headaches for me.

However, we then brought in some alts, including my level 65 guardian and a level 65 mini, and re-tried the Caerlûg fight. To be frank, we got splattered – three times – before we gave up. I’d actually forgotten what a hard fight Caerlûg can be. It’s worth remembering that when this instance was introduced, the level cap was level 60. As has been mentioned in other blogs, this extreme level of difficulty is just not fun. I have to say at this point, that I have actually killed Caerlûg once – my lore-master was in a group that brought him down, alongside a champion and a minstrel. I’m now looking on this solitary success as a bit of a fluke. This fight, even at level 65, with well geared toons, can be very disheartening.

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