Good Deeding

I’ve ticked off a few deeds over the last few days. Deeds are like buses – you don’t get one for ages, and then a load come along at about the same time!

First up, I hit kindred with the Iron Garrison Miners on both my Rune-Keeper and my Loremaster – both on the same day – having repeatedly run the Library of Steel quest that is available in Dolven View. This quest coughs up 1,200 reputation and some very handy tier two LI relics. The Nimble Redhorn Goat is a nice steed, too.

Nimble Redhorn Goat

Nimble Redhorn Goat

Second up, I happened to be running my Loremaster through Eregion, on the way to Enedwaith, when I remembered the long neglected ‘Ridge Racer’ deed. So I hopped on my newly acquired goat, and after half and hour of trying to make the initial jump, finally managed the required lead, edged along the almost invisible path, and finally achieved the ‘Ridge Racer’ title. Happy Days.

'Ridge Racer' - completed!

'Ridge Racer' - completed!

Third on my recent list was getting to kindred with the Algraig, on my first toon. I quickly picked up the Algraig horse which I another of Turbine’s new mount – again, a very good looking mount.

Algraig Horse

Algraig Horse

Lastly, I finally a finished the ‘Orcs of the Forge’ deed for zeal, last night, on my guardian – whilst running Forges with some kin mates for the level 58 LM class quests. My guardian’s zeal now stands at 9, and I can grind this up to 10, if I can be bothered to head into the Misty Mountains and kill another 40 or so giants. Coincidently, I now only need to kill two trolls in the Forges to have complete the final deed in there – Blinded by Fire – as/when I manage that, it will be the first time I’ve finished all of the quests & deeds within any one of the Khazâd-Dûm classics (Grand Stairs, Fil Gashen, Forges, Dark Delving, 16th Hall, and Skumfil).


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