Enedwaith Rep Grind

All the forum posts, pre the November [2010] patch/update, in relation to gaining reputation with the two factions in Enedwaith, were along the lines of how much harder it was to gain kindred reputation with the Algraig, than with the Grey Company. Now however, post the November patch, this situation seems to have reversed. As I mentioned in a previous post, I only recently got my first toon to kindred rep with either of the two factions – the Algraig; and now I’m finding that it’s way more ‘grindy’ to get to kindred with the Grey Company.

I think the epic quests, plus the non-repeatable quests, just about got me to ally with the Grey Company – since when I’ve been running the four daily repeatable quests that give Grey Company reputation, on a regular basis – but heck, is it tedious! By my count, I’ll have to run each of those four repeatable quests no less than thirty times (i.e. approx. 10 times per toon) to get the three toons [that I currently have in Enedwaith] to kindred with the Grey Company. Is it worth it, I ask myself?

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