Durchest and The Twins, downed

After being involved in at least a dozen attempts at bringing down Durchest [the first boss in the Barad Guldur raid], last night was the night that we managed it. As usual, I was on my LM. Ok, we didn’t do challenge-mode (HM), but we did it. What a relief after so many previous wipes – and what a sense of achievement.

Many kins have BG on farm now, including Durchest, but this was our first, and one that I’m delighted to have been a part of. To add to the delight, we then ploughed on, and with only two wipes, managed to bring down the Twins [Morgaraf & Cargaraf], too (again though, not in challenge mode)! We would have had a crack at advancing on to the Lieutenant – but it was just too late. My only hope is that we have now learned our lessons and will progress at least as far again, in the near future – and come back and finally take down the LT!

The only down side to my evening was the fact that my rolling, when it comes to the radiance gear drops, is still awful. I’ve now been through Dar Narbugud a good few times, killed the Watcher twice, and now advanced as far as the Twins in BG…I’ve seen somewhere in the region of twenty-five radiance pieces (well, the coins to barter for them) drop – and not won any of them. I’m beginning to think DKP may have something going for it after all….


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