Spider Wing trouble

Last week, we again completed the Barad Guldur raid, again on easy-mode with each of the three bosses. Next time out, it will definitely be time to start having a go at the challenge-mode – at least on Durchest and the Twins. Until radiance is removed, there’s no realistic way that we’ll get a shot at the LT in challenge-mode.

Elsewhere in game, I’ve being trying to finish Enedwaith on my Lore-master. All the non-repeatable quests are now done, and I’m just trying to grind out Kindred reputation with the Grey Company. The number of repeatable quests for Grey Company reputation (only four) makes this annoying. I’ll probably do it one more time – on my guardian – but that will be it. My rune-keeper, who I am currently completing the Volume 2 epilogue quests in Mirkwood with, will definitely NOT be doing anything in Enedwaith, apart from the Volume 3 quests.

Talking of my rune-keeper, I joined the back-end of a kinnie Sammath Gul run last night, and promptly ticked both Gorothul and Demafaer off my ‘to kill’ list. I didn’t win any nice loot, but hey, I didn’t have to grind through either of the first two bosses, either.

We followed SG up with a run though the Helegrod Spider wing (at level 65). Is it me, or is the last fight in this instance insanely difficult? After two hours of trying to kill Zaudru, we gave up – and there seems to be little or no help out there on the forums. Is there a big secret, and does everyone have a problem with the last fight in the Spider Wing?

Oh yes – I gave Rift a try. After three or so hours of play, I’ve decided it’s not for me. The lore leaves me cold, as does the game play. It looks nice, but that’s about all. But that’s just me – I’m sure many, many folks will love it. My only gripe is that I spent my ill gotten euros on a game I almost certainly won’t play again.


2 Responses to “Spider Wing trouble”

  1. Lothirieth Says:

    Good luck on the HMs. 🙂 The Twins aren’t so bad…just gotta be good with pool placement. And honestly I don’t think LT EM is all that much easier than HM. 😛

    With Zaudru, I know it can help to try to CC those adds you can’t kill in HM well away from the boss. AOE is pretty important, as well as hunters. But I don’t envy healers in that fight. It’s the one Hele wing my kin is most likely to lose HM on.

    I had the same reaction about the Rift, but luckily I got into Beta so was able to save my money. 😉 It will be interesting to see if it’s going to last.

  2. Thanks for the raiding encouragement!

    As for Rift, a good few of my kinnies from LoTRO are raving about it, so I just presumed that it would be for me. I let the beta events pass me by, so just jumped in with both feet with the pre-launch event – and found that I didn’t like it. You live and learn 🙂

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