Warg Pens and Rivendell Rep Mount

I had a trip back to Warg Pens on my minstrel on Monday evening. Yet again I was reminded how much I like this instance. It’s just so different to most other dungeons that we run. On this occasion we failed challenge-mode as the wargs on the last boss refused to eat just one of the meat-slabs. But hey, I still enjoyed it.

Last night was one of those rare evenings that I didn’t have anything planned, in game. Nothing on the calendar at all. I think a lot of my kinnies were happy with the break, as was I. Everyone seemed to be relaxed – crafting, running daily quests, or leveling alts. I even found time to pickup a Rivendell reputation mount on my (now level 48) warden.

Rivendell Reputation Mount

Rivendell Reputation Mount

This is the first toon that I’ve picked this mount up on. I’ve had the rep on my higher level toons for ages – but just hadn’t bothered to pay the gold to acquire it. My warden, until yesturday, was still riding around on her Dusky Nimblefoot Goat, and was therefore in need of a more resilient mount.

Anyhow, I think the Rivendell rep mount is a fine looking beast of burden (see above) – the image also shows how photogenic Rivendell is, I think 🙂


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