Bane Of Industry

Last night I took my guardian, Corleth, on a kin run through the Forges instance in Moria.

Forges of Khazad-Dum instance

Forges of Khazad-Dum instance

We breezed through it (we all know it too well, at this stage!) and in the process I finally completed the Forges’ troll-slayer deed. As this was the last deed that I had outstanding in the Forges, it also triggered the ‘Bane of Industry’ title – see below:

Bane of Industry title

Bane of Industry title

Next on my Moria meta-deed list is a trip back to Grand Stairs (an instance which I burnt out on months ago) to kill the final few wargs that I need the Beasts of the Grand Stairs (Advanced) deed, which in turn will complete my Grand Stairs deed list.

I’m not far off completing all the deeds in Dark Delvings, Skumfil and 16th Hall, either. Curiously enough, the one Moria instance that I’ve hardly touched, is Fil Gashen, so I’m a way off obtaining the Marshall of the Burning Deeds title. Oh yes, I also have to nip into the Vile Maw and kill the Watcher too 😉 – something I’ve done on my LM, but never my guardian, *sigh*.

As an aside, I do use ‘deed accelerators’ [purchased from the LoTRO store] to help finish the odd deed that requires a lot of kills. But in the main, I do it the hard way. I’ve never used real-world cash to buy Turbine points, and don’t ever intend to do so. That said, I’ve absolutely no objection to anyone that does. I am happy to restrict myself to whatever points I can earn in game, plus the 500 points I get per month from my VIP subscription. My ‘Bane of Industry’ title was actually achieved entirely without use of accelerator – more the fool me, probably.


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