Another New Mount

I’ve finally hit Kindred reputation with the Grey Company with my lore-master – and picked up the Grey Company mount as a result. Nothing too exciting, I know, but there’s not much been happening in-game over the last week or so.

Grey Company mount

Grey Company mount

I think everyone is waiting for ‘Update 2’ to hit. From what I’ve read, it looks like it will hit the EU servers on or around the 22nd March – maybe. After the huge delay to ‘Update 1’ here in the EU (last autumn), nobody is counting any chickens 😉

I have to say that the thing I’m most looking forward to with regard to the new update, is the LI changes. As a casual player, and a bit of an alto-holic, I’m not someone who has ever gotten near maxing out my LIs with regard to relics. I have a few tier 9s scattered across my various level-caped alts…but only a few. The new changes should make it much easier for me to acquire top level (now tier 6) relics, for each of my LIs. Still, we’ll see…

I’m also looking forward to the new raids. In my kin, I think we’re all a bit burnt out on the existing raids – BG excepted; and as I’ve said before, whilst we’d love a crack at the Lieutenant in challenge-mode – we don’t have the radiance (as a group), so we’re all awaiting radiance removal with some enthusiasm.

Elsewhere in-game, I finally have my rune-keeper up to Kindred with the Malledhrim in Mirkwood. My plan now is to finish the volume 2 epilogue quests, and then through run volume 3 as far as it goes (i.e. into Enedwaith) – but without running any of the Enedwaith quests outside of the epic line.  I also need to max out some of my RK’s traits; I’m one of those players who only ever looks at traits as a last resort – i.e. when I’ve done everything else that I want to do with a particular toon….I’m just lazy, I guess!


3 Responses to “Another New Mount”

  1. Congrats on the new mount! Working towards my Rep mounts atm as well Rangers of Esteldin is taking ages though – can feel an Orc killing spree coming on 😉

    • Thanks!

      Funnily enough, I think the Esteldin rep can be one of the most annoying to gain – unless you happen to have a tailor who can craft some of their rep items (Rangers Sash, Rangers Cloak, Tapestry of Deeds). I guess that’s why the only toon I have who’s reached kindred with the rangers in Esteldin happens to be….my tailor 😉

      • Haha that might be why it feels like I’m head butting a wall then…..hmm my tailor isn’t quite up to level yet looks like murder and blood shed is the only way…… oh well lol 😀

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