Warg Pens Last Boss (‘Kranklob’) Guide

This is a guide I put together for my kin’s website – but I’m duplicating it here too. I previously had this guide as a page, rather than a post, but it wasn’t showing up on searches that way, so now it’s a post!

The group can be pretty much any combination that includes a dedicated healer, plus some sort of a tank. Lore-masters & hunters should be prepared to use their group wound & poison removal skills. Regardless, everyone should bring oodles of top-level poison, fear & wound pots – plus power & morale pots, and scrolls. Lore-masters should be DPS traited – wargs don’t like fire so ‘Improved Sticky Gourd’ is your LM’s best friend. I can’t speak for Burg/Cappy builds, but rune-keepers will be healing, so should be healing traited.

The tank (Warden, Guard or boarded Champ, usually) should start the fight by aggroing the boss, Kranklob, who should then be tanked in one of two ways….

1. By kiting him around the big pillar (meant to be the easiest and safest way as it avoids a lot of poison & wound DoTs, but I find it harder!), OR
2. By going toe-to-toe, near the fire (the fire can be used to remove the slow/cold debuffs). If using this method, then the tank should have a good amount of poison, wound, fear and, if possible, shadow mitigation.

As soon as the tank has aggro on the boss, whoever is taking-out the adds (LM/Burg/Cappy/Hunter/etc) should pull one add at a time, and pull them well away from the boss. It is no problem to pull one add at a time, as the rest sleep very soundly. Bring down each add in turn (if doing in HM, let them eat a slab of meat each, as well). There are five slabs of meat, and six wargs, so one warg can fail to eat, and HM can still be achieved (assuming all the meat in the rest of the instance, prior to this last boss fight, has been eaten!). If you have a champ on the adds, try equipping your shield once they have eaten – it helps to mitigate against the 100% extra damage buff that they get after eating (and the healer will appreciate you for that!).

The healer (mini or RK) should stand well out of mêlée range of the boss, such that he/she can heal both the tank and whoever is dealing with the adds. The trick here, especially if there is no LM, is to conserve power – this really means ‘heal only’ – no need to do any DPS. The healer should also help remove the copious poison/wound/fear DoTs & debuffs from the others (using salves), whenever possible; staying out of mêlée range of both the boss & the adds, the healer should be able to avoid these DoTs & debuffs him/herself. If the healer gets a slow debuff, then just run to a fire and remove it, before heading back into position.

Once all the adds are down (will take between roughly 10 minutes in HM), then the two non-healers, should take down the boss. Again, the healer should stay out of mêlée range and just heal – unless the power & morale situation is very positive.

Any FS manoeuvres, throughout the fight, should generally be greens/blues to help maintain power and morale, unless Kranklob is nearly down…I’m also thinking that from a lore-master’s perspective, running the final boss encounter with a raven pet (for Shadow mitigation) might be a way to go, but I haven’t tried this.

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