Meta Deed Complete

So Update 2 has been live here on the EU server for about four days. My first impressions of the Legendary Item changes are positive; I quite like the whole new melding gig, and being able to make the relic that you want, albeit with the use of shards, is convenient. I spend all of Thursday night playing with my LIs across my main toons. I now have most of them equipped with a reasonable set of tier 6 relics – some of which are ‘old’ tier 8 & 9 relics in disguise. All in all I think the system is more flexible, and less random – which was always the point, wasn’t it?

Over the past few months I’ve been gradually working my way through the Saviour of Lothlorien Meta-deed. The last part of this deed hanging over me was the Morroval Slayer deed from Lumul-Nar. Despite repeated pleas, my kinnies have given me the cold shoulder in recent weeks – nobody wanting to go back to Lumul-Nar for the umpteenth time.

Broin in 'The Peaceful Path'

Broin in 'The Peaceful Path'

Now, with update 2 here, there is a new solo version of Lumul-Nar available from Broin the the Peaceful Path. This solo quest ‘Replay: A Relic in Lumul Nar (solo)‘ is available to anyone who has previously completed the small fellowship version of 2.8.3, plus those coming to 2.8.3 for the first time.

So, on Friday night, I ran this new solo instance twice, equipped both times with deed accelerators, and finally completed the Morroval Slayer deed, and in so doing also the Lothlorien Meta deed. Thank ~@&*. I’m chuffed to bits with my new Wild Mountain Goat, mind you. 🙂

Lothlorien Meta Deed Mount

Lothlorien Meta Deed Mount

(Edit: There is also a  solo version of Nala Dum (2.8.4) – also available from Broin – ‘Replay: A Relic in Nala Dum (solo)‘).

In a fit of mount-a-holic-ism, I’ve also splurged on the second Mirkwood steed (that I hadn’t previously picked up) too – the Malledhrim steed.

Mirkwood Mount

Mirkwood Mount

In my next post I’m going to vent a little (or maybe a lot) about the new Volume 3 Book 3 epic quests. But I’ll save that for later in the week…

10 Responses to “Meta Deed Complete”

  1. Congrats on the meta deed mount! 😀

  2. Lothirieth Says:

    Congratulations! Very nice you can get that done solo now. 🙂 If only there was a solo Skumfil… 😛

    And vent about the new epics? Hmm, will be interesting to see that as this was the most enjoyable book yet I for me (even though there were some bits that made me grumble).

    • A solo Skumfil would be very nice indeed!

      My problem with the new epics is basically with how easy they were – but, as I said, I’ll post some more detailed thoughts later in the week. The session play was very cool though, I thought…

  3. Lockewoode Says:

    After you actually complete the solo Replay of both of these instances, can you go back to Broin and re-do them?

    • Yup – you can – which is handy! And there’s no cool-down either.

      • Lockewoode Says:

        I had the Epic done before the quest and I went to Broin. He offered the solo versions, I completed the solo versions of the quests, but now I cannot go back. Is there another way to go back now, or am I missing something.

      • Hmmmm. I just re-checked this morning, and when I go to Broin (in the Peaceful Path) he offers me both ‘Replay: A Relic in Lumul Nar‘ and ‘Replay: A Relic in Nala Dum‘.

        I’ve run the Lumul Nar ‘replay’ a good few times now, and it always seems to be available after a cool-down period…

        That said, these two replays are only available if you have done the 3-man version of the quests – if you’ve just run the solo version, the replays aren’t available 😦

      • I just ran the replay again – and sure enough, once completed, it now doesn’t come back. Turbine must have changed it in the patch to update 2 a couple of weeks ago. I guess I got lucky and finished my deeds before the patch… *sighs*

      • Lockewoode Says:

        Thanks for the investigative work 🙂

        Yeah bad times for me. It’s okay though I was almost done with the slayer deeds. Just gotta con some people to come with once more 🙂

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