LI Dreaming – Part 1

I’ve been starting to think about optimising the legacies on my Legendary Items. With the advent of legacy replacement scrolls in Update 2, many players are now undertaking this optimisation – to get their ‘perfect’ LIs. We’re all different, have different play-styles, and one of the joys of LoTRO is that it allows us to be so different, and still be successful in-game (whatever ‘successful in game’ means to you!) .

So here are some of my thoughts on what my ‘perfect’ LIs might look like, legacy wise (I’m generally assuming that each LI has three minor and three major legacies):

Guardian’s 1-Hander

  1. Guardian’s Area Effect Melee Targets
  2. Vexing Blow Damage
  3. Guardian’s Ward Duration
  4. Stamp Cooldown
  5. Warrior’s Heart Duration
  6. Guardian Bleed Damage

Guardian’s 2-Hander*

  1. Overpower Cost Rating
  2. Brutal Assault Damage
  3. Overwhelm Critical Rating
  4. Guardian’s Area Effect Melee Targets
  5. To The King Damage
  6. Legacy of Agility, Might, or Vitality.

* –  yes, I know, 4 major legacies here – but you can always be hopeful 😉

Guardian’s Belt

  1. Skill Threat Up
  2. Catch A Breath Morale Heal
  3. Shield Damage
  4. Power Restore On Reactions
  5. Warrior’s Heart Morale Heal
  6. Increased Block, Parry and Evade from Protection

Loremaster’s Staff

  1. Staff Strike Cooldown
  2. Fire Skills Critical Multiplier
  3. Lightening Skill Critical Rating
  4. Tactical Skills Direct Damage
  5. Sticky Gourd Direct Damage
  6. Lightening Storm Damage

Loremaster’s Book

  1. Target Resistance (Debuffing Skills)
  2. Healing From Beacon of Hope
  3. Ancient Craft Targets
  4. Fire Skills Critical Rating
  5. Fire-lore Targets
  6. Fire Damage Over Time

Minstrel’s Weapon

  1. Threat from Healing
  2. Piercing Cry Damage
  3. Call of Orome Damage
  4. Tier 1 Ballard Damage
  5. Tier 2 Ballard Damage
  6. Call of the Second Age Targets

Minstrel’s Songbook

  1. Bolster Courage Healing
  2. Healing and Motivation Skills Healing
  3. Chord of Salvation Cooldown
  4. Raise the Spirit Healing
  5. Ballard of Composure (Fear Resistance)
  6. Ballard of Fire (Fire Defence)

I’ve only covered LIs for my toons at level cap, who are ‘raid-ready’. I’m sure there are many out there who disagree with my potential choices!

As my rune-keeper is almost raid-ready, I’ll put up a separate RK legacies post soon…


3 Responses to “LI Dreaming – Part 1”

  1. Lothirieth Says:

    Well personally I wouldn’t go for the lightning skills on your LM staff. We get to use it so little, I don’t think it’s worth it. Ents damage would even be better as you can use ents more frequently. I very much prefer cracked earth damage as you can use that so much more. And on the book, I would definitely recommend having the Damaging skills resistance legacy. Would definitely have that over ancient craft targets. Also non damaging signs of power is just too good to pass up (that instead of fire lore targets…that legacy is far too expensive to level up). 1 min untraited antistun is getting to be a must have for lms with all the antistunning they have to do in instances and raids.

  2. You make some good points, Lothirieth. Thanks for the input!

    Thinking about it, you’re bang on with the Cracked Earth Damage – we do of course use it all the time. I virtually never trait Ents though, so I’ll not be going for that one.

    As far as the staff goes, the Signs of Power Durations and Target Resist Damaging Skills, are both very nice alright. The latter, I might well replace the Beacon of Hope legacy with.

    All I need now is a book that allows me 4 (or better, 5!) major legacies. 😛

    • Lothirieth Says:

      Well I had a kind of all around book that was more for dps but did okay for raids, but I’ve made myself a raid book as well (damaging and debuffing resistance, beacon of hope, signs of power duration, then will and vit legacies). Though the amount of skirmish marks I need to tier everything up is disgusting. 😛

      And Ents is awesome! You’re missing out! That, sticky gourd, cracked earth…sweet, sweet aoe! 😀

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