‘In Their Absence’ – the 3-mans

In the real world, the weather here on the south coast of Ireland has been fantastic. Warm, sunny and more like mid-summer than mid-spring. As such, and taking Roger’s advice, I’ve not been gaming too much over the past week or so. ūüėõ

That said, I did get to run North Cotton Farms a few times last week and once this week. I also ran Stoneheight on my LM last Thursday – I’m making an attempt to stick to the ‘In Their¬†Absence‘ quest chain (as started by visiting Barliman Butterbur in the Prancing Pony, Bree).

Sticking to the ‘In Their Absence‘ quest chain means completing first North Cotton Farms and then Stoneheight (both 3-mans)¬†before¬†then moving onto the 6-man Lost Temple in the Trollshaws. My first bash at The Lost Temple will hopefully be at the end of this week; word is, it’s challenging.

Anyhow, back to North Cotton Farms…I’ve run this instance on Tier-2 with all four of my level 65s (LM, minstrel, RK and guardian), at this stage. I’ve only managed to complete the Umheryn (second boss) fight in challenge-mode once though – with my RK. My RK was fire DPS traited, and stood on the balcony (where the buckets appear) and just nuked¬†Umheryn – killing ‘it’ (can a pot be called ‘he’?) with just under two full minutes to spare; the other two – a healing traited RK and a warden – dealt with the hobbits and poison eyes.

North Cotton Farms - a captive hobbit

North Cotton Farms - a captive hobbit


I’d say I’ll manage the tier-2 Umheryn fight¬†with my other 65s, but keeping the DPS high enough has obviously been an issue with the groups that I’ve been playing with – DPS traited RKs excepted.

The drops in both North Cotton Farms and Stoneheight, are excellent. Most of the pieces dropping in NCF seem to be tank orientated with block/evade/parry/agility/might bonuses; there’s not a whole lot there here for the tactical classes, mind you.

Stoneheight, in the North Downs, is my¬†favourite¬†of the new instances – to date. I’ve now completed it on both Tier 1 and Tier 2 using my LM – and the drops here¬†are very nice for tactical classes. The fights are fun too. My aim now is to bring my mini, RK and guardian through Stoneheight too and then, as mentioned above, be ready for some runs at The Lost Temple.


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