Ost Death – Wound Wing

We paid the Ost Dunhoth wound wing a visit last Monday evening. Good fun it was too.

For the uninitiated, there are three bosses in this wing – three huge mammoths. In part 1, the 12-man raid has to split up such that a path is cleared for each mammoth along a separate corridor (3 mammoths so 3 corridors). Along each of the three corridors are wights and wargs, in varying numbers – plus locked gates. The locked gates in one corridor can only be unlocked by pulling a lever in one of the other corridors. So, all three groups must succeed in (a) killing their adds and (b) pulling the levers in their corridor – and must do it fast enough such that nobody gets squished by the on-walking mammoths. In short, it’s a glorified DPS race.

It took us a good few attempts to get through this initial DPS race, but we now have it cracked. Part 2 involves taking on all three mammoths at the same time – plus adds – in one huge room. On Monday night, the best we managed was to get one mammoth down, and were doing well with a second, when one of our healers got squished – and caused a wipe – probably because the number of adds got out of hand…

We’ll be back for more punishment very soon. Determined to get this wing done. Reminder to self: I must by another stack of Wound pots – ‘cos you p*ss though them in this wing!


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