The Killing of a Balrog

The long, bright evenings are dragging me away from my PC, and onto other real-life activities – like playing soccer in the back garden with my kids. So LoTRO is taking a bit of a back seat.

I missed my kin’s recent re-visitation of the Ost Dunhoth wound wing – which they successfully nailed (on tier 1). However I did manage to tag along, with my guardian, for the subsequent visit to the fear wing (again on tier 1); a mighty tussle with the balrog ensued …thankfully, following multiple wipes, it was a tussle that we eventually won.

The main principles with the tier 1 balrog fight seem to (1) aggro swapping between the tanks and (2) everyone else keeping well out of the way of his frontal damage. There’s also a lot going on graphically, so it’s easy enough to loose your bearings and get in the wrong place (squish!). All in all, I have to say, it’s a challenging and enjoyable fight. I’m not sure we’ll be trying it on tier 2 in a hurry though!!

Elsewhere, I also took my guardian through the Lost Temple (again) on tier 1, and managed to win the role for the Gold Knot Bracelet.

On my rune-keeper I finished up volume 3, and had a successful hard-mode run though an old favourite – Skumfil. The Moria instances are still fun, and even though the reward drops are no longer of any real importance, the deeds are still nice to get.


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