Codemasters LoTRO Service – RIP

Well, all of us EU players are currently in limbo. The Codemasters service was shut down just after midday yesterday (Tuesday), and it’s likely to be at least tomorrow (Thursday) before the EU account migration is up and running for the Turbine servers. I await developments patiently…ish…I’m currently catching up on my Casual Stroll to Mordor podcast listening!

Will I miss Codemasters? I hope not and I doubt not. I had a brief dabble with DDO (Dungeons and Dragons Online) a couple of months back (yeuk!). DDO is another Turbine MMORPG, serviced exclusively from the good ol’ US of A. Did I have any technical problems (e.g. laggy-ness) with it? Nope, none, zero. Assuming this is the case for LoTRO, I’ll shed no tears for Codemasters, and I’m already looking forward to those added extras such as the LoTRO lotteries.

Anyhow, during the final week of the Codemasters service, I spent most of my in-game time raiding. Two evenings were spent running though Dar Narbugud. My kin hadn’t been there for a few months, and I really enjoyed going back. It’s still an enjoyable challenge and the armour set (obtained by trading the ‘Greater Elf Stone’ barter tokens dropped by each of the six DN bosses) is still worth collecting.

As an aside, I conservatively reckon that I’ve rolled on some 30 odd DN armour set tokens and not won a sausage. This aggravates me some (well, a lot actually). Anyone out these got some lucky DN-compatible dice that they could loan me?? 😛

Ost Dunhoth Wound Wing - Victory Is Ours

Ost Dunhoth Wound Wing - Victory Is Ours

To end the Codemasters EU reign on a positive note, last Monday evening our kin decided to tackle first the ‘Wound Wing’ and then the ‘Fear Wing’ in Ost Dunhoth – both on tier 1. We completed the wound wing at the first attempt (me on my guardian), and the fear wing after only a couple of wipes. I think we now have three out of the four OD wings cracked. Frothmar, last boss in the Poison wing, is still alluding our attempts. Maybe the shift to Turbine servers will bring us some better luck 😉


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