Misty 21st Hall

You’ve heard of then Misty mountains, right?

Well last week I ran my rune-keep up to Forochel to find the entrance to Sari-Surma – the mist up there was thicker than pea soup. I’ve never in fact seen Forochel like it!

Anyhow, on porting back to the 21st Hall, I found that the mist had travelled with me. Mad! The 21st Hall looked like something out of a 19th century London – i.e. smog filled and dark! I took a screen shot for posterity…

Misty 21st Hall

Misty 21st Hall

A quick note on last week’s tier 2 Lost Temple run. It bugged out on us. In the last boss fight (Furndur) our minstrel died; she retreated and came back to the gate – and Furndur promptly reset. Despite raising a ticket, nothing we could do would then re-activate the fight. As such, a pretty much wasted couple of hours. 😦

I was also back in Dar Narbugud last night with my kin. We only had 11 raiders, but it was by far the smoothest run that I’ve ever been on. No wipes at all. We cruised through Balgh & Rung, Flagit & Zholuga. The other three bosses (Istum, The Blind One and The Mistress of Pestilence) are for tonight’s follow-up.



Oh yes, and I’ve still yet to win a single roll on a DN armour piece, on any toon. 30 odd rolls and counting…last night, on the Blagh/Rung chest, I even managed to roll a 93…only for someone to roll 100…*sigh*


4 Responses to “Misty 21st Hall”

  1. DKP ftw. I loathe rolls. I like being able to put the effort into raids and that be rewarded, not rely on chance which pretty much always screws me over. 😛

    • I agree – DKP (in some format) is a definite improvement on rolling. It’s a system we used in ‘The Hard Biscuits’ (now defunct!) – one of my old kins, to great effect.

      My current kin’s ‘casual raiding’ mentality ensures there’s no chance of anything other than the vagaries of random rolls to sort out the loot. This has worked both for me, and against me – but virtually always against me as far as DN is concerned… 😦

  2. Haha, yeah I hate rolls too. My kin Southern Cross has a ladder system that works well.

    I love how the mist from Sari-Surma follows you. Pretty cool effect!

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