Fungus Investigation

One of the Deeds in Dar Narbugud is the Fungus Investigation. On a couple of occasions now, on various toons, I’ve actually missed one or more of these mushrooms, on my way around DN, and ended up scratching my head, trying to remember where to go to find the missing fungus in quersion. DN is big enough and dark enough to easily miss things. So here’s a very brief guide:

  • Smelly, red mushroom – in the first cave where you kill Blagh & Rung. The easiest to find.
  • Strange, blue mushroom – after the second trash pull, after killing Blagh & Rung, you’ll pass this mushroom on the left hand side of the corridor as you move downwards.
  • Colourful Mushroom – about 10 meters inside the ‘Istum’ wing.
  • Divergent Mushroom – in the cave where you fight Zholuga.
  • Inconsistent Mushroom – Once the blind one is dead, drop down into the pool below, and follow the corridor down – you’ll find this mushroom before you get to the Mistress.

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