A Relic In Nala Dum (solo) Guide/Walkthough

I noticed yesterday that a good number of searches that hit this blog are in relation to the Nala Dum (solo) instance. It seems a lot of folks are looking for hints & tips with regard to this, so I thought I’m oblige and provide some!

The ‘original’ Nala Dum is a 3-man instance in the Water Works in Moria. Volume 2, book 8, chapter 4, of the epic quest line (2.8.4), also requires you to complete a quest inside this instance. Up until Update 2, in late 2010, this meant getting a 3-man team together in order to complete 2.8.4. However, Update 2 saw a solo version of 2.8.4 introduced. This solo version can now be done once only (there used to be a bug that allowed you to complete it multiple times) on each toon, and is started by visiting Bosi who is in the Chamber of the Crossroads.

The following write up describes how to complete the one-shot-only ‘solo’ version of the instance – which is a little different from the repeatable 3-man version (which can be accessed via the ‘Instance Join Panel’).

Level 5

Nala Dum is set on five separate levels. When the instance kicks off, you’ll find yourself on the top level – level 5, as I’ll call it. Proceed down the corridor and finish off the two lizards that guard the first intersection. Directly ahead of you, you’ll see a closed gate (a). In order to open this gate, turn right, head up the ramps (killing more lizards on the way). At the top of the ramps, you’ll find a wheel – turn it to open the gate (a). Proceed back to the gate (a) and head down the stairs to level 4.

Wheel that opens Gate (a)

Wheel that opens Gate (a)

Level 4

At  the bottom of the stairs (three flights) you’ll be on level 4. To your right will be a locked gate (b1), with a lever (b2) on the other side. Ignore this gate for the time being.

Locked Gate (b1)

Locked Gate (b1)

Turn left and head down the corridor, and out into the hall. When you reach the intersection in the middle of the hall, you’ll see a bridge that needs to be extended to your left. So, turn right and follow the ramps up (killing several batches of lizards on the way). At the top you’ll find a lever (c). Pull it, and head back to the intersection. The bridge will now be extended – so go across.

Lever (c)

Lever (c)

Follow the path/stream around, past a closed gate (d). Kill the Rock Worm that patrols in from of this gate (d), then proceed down the first set of stairs, killing the two lizards at the bottom. Here you’ll find a wheel (e1) on the left, and a lever (e2) on the right.

Lever (e1) and Wheel (e2)

Lever (e1) and Wheel (e2)

If you go past these and continue down the stairs, you’ll be down in level 3 – but with no way to proceed as there is a big gap that need to be bridged. Kill the one lizard down here, anyway.

Head back up to the wheel (e1) and lever (e2). Turn the wheel (e1) first, then pull the lever (e2). The wheel partially extends a bridge at the bottom of the stairs (more on this later). The lever (e2) opens the gate (d) for approx 20 seconds, so immediately run back to the gate (d) and go though it. If you’re too slow, the lever (e2) resets and the gate (d) closes – so you’ll need to pull the lever (e2) again.

Once through gate (d), kill the two lizards in the cave, and you’ll find yourself at the top of a large shaft. Jump! When you reach the bottom, complete with broken leg, you’re down to level 3.



Level 3

Swim out of the cave and up onto the path. You will see two Rock Worms here – kill them.

2 Rock Worms to Kill

2 Rock Worms to Kill

You will now see a lever to the left. Pull it if you like, and you will see a bridge extend out and, providing you turned the wheel (e) earlier on, it provides a way back up to level 4 (this route is not really of any use in the solo version).

Ahead of you on level 3 you will see a closed gate (f) with two lizards behind it. To the right you’ll see the entrance to another room in which you’ll find a Rock Worm and a lizard (kill ’em) and three staircases – one staircase going down and two staircases going up.

  • The first upward staircase up leads to a dead end, and can be ignored in the solo version of this instance (there is a flower to collect up there in the 3-man version).
  • The second upward staircase is another route back up to level 4. You don’t need to go up here if all you want to do is complete the instance as quickly as possible.  If you do decide to head up, at the top you’ll find a lever (b2) and be on the other side of gate (b1) – see ‘Level 4’, above. Pull the lever (b2) to open gate (b1). You now have another way back up to level 4 – I’ll come back to this later.
  • The downward staircase leads down to level 2. Head down!

Level 2

At the bottom of the staircase, you’ll pass under an open gate (g). You are now on level 2. Head into the middle of the hall, where you will encounter the first ‘boss’ (not really a boss in this, the solo version) ‘Spit-Tail’, plus a lizard add. They are easy to kill in the solo version, anyhow.

Spit Tail

Spit Tail

After Spit-Tail is dealt with…

  • East, you’ll see a cave with a lesser Caerog in it. This is the way to the last ‘boss’.
  • South is a gap across to a gate with a lever in front of it. This has to be ignored when you’re doing the solo version;  it can only be accessed in 3-man mode [FYI, by pulling lever (e2) on level 4].

    No Way Across in 'Solo' version.

    No Way Across in 'Solo' version.

  • West is another locked gate (h), which has to be ignored in solo mode; again, it’s only accessible in 3-man mode [FYI, by pulling lever (c) such that the bridge on level 4 is retracted].

So, head into the cave with the lesser Caerog in it, kill it, then jump down the hole at the back of the cave. Note – you can’t get back up again (unless you die fighting Caerlug – see ‘Level 1’, below)!

Lesser Caerog

Lesser Caerog

Level 1

Congratulations – you’re down to the bottom – on level 1. You can’t get lost here! You’ll see Gorothul’s relic – click on it to destroy it, and then the last ‘boss’ – Caerlug – will be in front of you. Kill him (no special tactics required when doing the solo instance) and you’re done! There are no chests or other rewards on the solo version – sorry…

Relic and Caerlug

Relic and Caerlug

Additional stuff

If you want to kill the two lizards behind gate (f), on level 3, you’ll need to head back up to level 2 (you should have two possible routes back up), and pull lever (c) [such that the bridge on level 4 is retracted again]. This will open gate (f) and gate (h), but will close gate (g) – so preventing access to level 2 [so in solo mode, I’m only guessing that gate (g) is opened as you can’t get that far to check ;)]. Once the lizards behind gate (f) are dead, you’ll need to head back up to lever (c) and pull it again in order to open gate (g) and thus give access to levels 2 and then 1.

Note that there are no flowers to collect in the solo version. The flower collection deed is only available in the repeatable 3-man version.

Questions? Have I missed something? Got something wrong? Please leave a comment…

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    • I think that’s what I was trying to say:

      ‘The lever (e2) opens the gate (d) for approx 20 seconds’

      Apologies if it was unclear – glad you got through, anyhow 😀

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    • If he stops and starts healing, there are two levers on either side of the room – pull the one nearest to the spot he’s standing when he’s healing! i.e. lever pulling stops him healing 😉

      • This would be a good tip to put in the walkthrough. I ended up quitting because I thought he was bugged cause he kept healing himself. Luckily all I needed was the relic, but was frusted to have to quit.

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