Preparing for Isenguard

Ok, so we’re still two months or so away from the release of Isenguard, but most folks who I know are doing one of two things:

  1. Levelling alts to level cap so that they can be brought straight through into the new content, come September’s release, and/or
  2. Working on their existing level 65 toons, to bring them fully up to scratch.
Raiding seems to have stopped – at least in my kin. We’re still running 3-mans and 6-mans, but nothing bigger. I’m firmly in the second of the above camps, anyway. I’m now busily trying to sort out the following:
  1. Getting all my skirmish soldiers (one for each toon) up to 65, including all traits. This is taking some time, as I’ve always been very skirmish-phobic.
  2. Trying to get my preferred virtues levelled up to 12, where possible.  The virtue cap is being raised from 10 to 12, as part of Isenguard. This basically means deeding.
  3. Trying to finish off those odd quests that have been hanging around far too long. I’m a bit of a completionist, quest wise, so I don’t have too many of these – but some need my attention, nevertheless.
All in all, I have to say that I’m quite enjoying the change of pace that the above is providing. If I get it all done before September, I might even start levelling another alt…I have a level 35 Burglar who I might just start playing again…hmmmmm!

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