Dusting off a burglar

The lull before Isenguard is released is, unsurprisingly, persisting. I rather suspect that a good few folk are over on Bullroarer, testing – but of course, they have signed NDAs so we don’t know for sure!

As per my previous post, I’m continuing to skirmish and deed with my level 65 toons. During skirmishing, I’ve found that I’m picking up a good number of ‘Third Marks’, so I’ve converting these into 2nd age weapons for my toons that currently only have 3rd age ones (namely my guardian, RK and mini); my loremaster is already pretty well equipped, and all of my level 65 toons have 2nd age class items (thanks mainly to the epic quest-line in Enedwaith). In summary, I’m still enjoying the change of pace that this pre-Isenguard period has produced, and my level 65 toons should be well geared and traited when Isenguard arrives.

The only bit of grouping that I’ve done recently has been for runs through Helegrod. My kin are trying to get enough folk though the first three wings (drake, spider and giant) so that we can have a bash at the dragon wing. The Helegrod dragon wing is a 24 man raid however, so the feeling is we’ll need to team up with another kin to get the numbers – I’d say, at best, we’ll get 18 or so from our own kin…the provisional date for our initial assault on the dragon wing has been set for 20th September (just before Isenguard’s release)….I’ll keep you informed!

My burglar beside lake Evendim

My burglar beside lake Evendim

Oh yes, one last thing…I haven’t been able to resist playing my long-neglected burglar a little during this ‘quieter’ period. As such, he’s now moving through Evendim and has progressed from level 35 through to level 40, since my last post. I like the ‘revamped’ Evendim, very much. Since it was updated (as part of Update 2) questing flows much more naturally, and getting reputation with the Wardens of Annuminas is now almost too easy. The only part of the ‘new’ Evendim that I’ve skipped has been the North Cotton Farms quests – that place was just too much of a maze for me to be bothered with! Anyhow, after Evendim, I’m going to head directly up to Forochel, skipping Angmar. Let’s see how far I can get before Isenguard hits town…


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