A Relic in Lumul Nar (solo) Guide/Walkthough

A good number of searches that hit this blog are in relation to the Lumul Nar (solo) instance. It seems a lot of folks are looking for hints & tips with regard to this, so I thought I’d oblige and provide some!

The ‘original’ Lumul Nar is a 3-man instance in Zirakzigil in Moria. Volume 2, book 8, chapter 3, of the epic quest line (2.8.3), also requires you to complete a quest inside this instance. Up until Update 2, in late 2010, this meant getting a 3-man team together in order to complete 2.8.3. However, Update 2 saw a solo version of 2.8.3 introduced. This solo version can now be done once only (there used to be a bug that allowed you to complete it multiple times) on each toon, and is started by visiting Broin who is in the Peaceful Path.

The following write up describes how to complete the one-shot-only ‘solo’ version of the instance – which is a little different from the repeatable 3-man version (which can be accessed via the ‘Instance Join Panel’).

Note: You can pick up quests that can be worked on during the solo version of this instance, from Frar in the Chamber of the Crossroads.

Broin in the Peaceful Path

Broin in the Peaceful Path

Once the instance is started, just jump down the cliff trying your best to land on the various outcrops on the way down. If you jump all the way, you’ll die and end up back at the top :P. Once at the bottom, you’re on level one. Kill  the two wargs, and pull the lever to the right of the first mirror, just  once. Pulling this lever will open the way to the second room.  [The idea is to direct the stream of light against the webbing blocking the tunnels – the light then ‘burns’ though the blockage to open the way].

The first mirror

The first mirror

In the second room, kill the two warg adds and then kill Frost Tail, the first boss. Frost Tail will only activate once his (her?) two warg-matron adds have been killed.

Second room - first boss.

Second room - first boss.

Now pull the lever on the mirror that’s nearest to the door that you’ve just come through, three times. There is another mirror to the left of this one – pull the lever on this once – and you’ll have the way onwards clear. So, moving on, you’ll get to the top of a shaft – run down the ramp inside this shaft, all the way to the bottom. At the bottom, run along the short tunnel, and out into a very large cavern.  Here you’ll first meet a Task Mistress – kill her within 45 secs or get your ass handed to you [after 45 secs of combat, Task Mistresses self-buff to do +1000% damage!).

Task Mistress plus add, start of level three

Task Mistress plus add, start of level three

Once this first task mistress (and her add) are dead, take the tunnel to the left (i.e. head north) – it also climbs up and turns east. Just up this tunnel, kill the ‘Swarming – Bat’ that you meet concentrate on killing the main bat first, not  its summoned add(s). Next the tunnel turns due south and you’ll arrive at a ramp – on your right. At the top of this ramp, you’ll see a Morvul Warrior and a Lesser Dark Claw, together. Kill ’em.

Pull the lever on the far mirror three times, once the mobs are dead.

Pull the lever on the far mirror three times, once the mobs are dead.

There are two mirrors here with levers. Pull the lever on both of these mirrors once each. Head back down the ramp. Continue along the tunnel, heading south. At the top, you’ll find another ramp. There’s a mirror at the top of this ramp – pull this lever (hanging from the ceiling) three times, then head back down the ramp and stand on the outcrop – you should be looking at the following view:

Pull lever (middle top of the image) three times.

Pull lever (middle top of the image) three times.

Now head back down the tunnel to here you killed the first Task Mistress. Head across the cavern, heading east. follow the ledge around to the south and then turn onto the ramp heading down (and west). Here you’ll see another Task Mistress (the second). Kill her fast!

Second Task Mistress

Second Task Mistress

Follow the path down to the next level where  you’ll find three more mirrors with levers and your third Task Mistress. Again, dispatch her fast!

Third Task Mistress plus three more mirrors with levers

Third Task Mistress plus three more mirrors with levers

Now the three mirrors. The mirror nearest the ramp you’ve just come down – pull its lever three times. Pull the lever on each of the other two mirrors here, once only each. There will now be a beam of light going straight down though the middle of the cavern.

Beam straight down - that's what you're after!

Beam straight down - that's what you're after!

You can jump down if you like – but you’ll die 😉 Instead, head to the north-west corner of the level where you are, and follow the tunnel that you find there, down. Keep following the tunnel all the way down to the big cavern at the bottom – you’ll pass through two small caverns on the way (note the second of these small caverns – if you die later on, you’ll have to jump from here to get access to the final area in order to finish the instance).

Once at the bottom of the tunnel, as I’ve said, you’ll be in a fairly large cavern. Here you’ll see a single mirror with a lever, and your fourth Task Mistress. Kill her first, then pull the lever on the mirror twice.

Fourth Task Mistress

Fourth Task Mistress

A tunnel to the east now open up. Follow it and jump down where you need. You’ll then hit the start of a ramp – follow it down. It circles down in a clockwise direction. At the bottom, you’ll see this:

Gorothul's relic

Gorothul's relic

Note Gorothul’s Gift in the middle of the screen. Go over to it and click on it to destroy it. Watch out for Task Mistresses – if you run into one, kill it! Once the Gift of Gorothul is destroyed, all you have to do is kill Ergoth, the second (and last) boss. However, you can’t get access to Ergoth (by dropping though the hole in the centre of the cavern), without solving the final mirror puzzle. This is the solution (copied from this French guide here, as I’m too lazy to do my own):

Lumul Nar - final solution

Lumul Nar - final solution

The only fly in the ointment, as far as aligning the mirrors as above goes, is that Task Mistresses and other Morvul Defilers keep spawning, and the Defilers have the nasty habit of dirtying the mirrors. So while a mirror might be correctly aligned, if you can’t see a  beam of light where it should be, you might have to go kill a Morvul Defiler, and then clean the mirror that it’s mucked up! There is no easy way of doing this puzzle – just be as quick as you can and kill the Morvuls when you see them. When the mirrors are all clean, and aligned as above, the web floor in the centre of the cavern will dissolve, and you can jump down to kill Ergoth.

The way down to Ergoth is open - now jump!

The way down to Ergoth is open - now jump!

Job done.

Note: If you die trying to solve the final mirror puzzle OR die fighting Ergoth, you’ll have to jump from the small cavern, as noted above, in order to re-gain access to the bottom level…

55 Responses to “A Relic in Lumul Nar (solo) Guide/Walkthough”

  1. Nice write up, would have saved me a bit of mirror swiveling in my recent run through!

  2. Just trying to help 🙂 Hopefully some folks will find it useful – even though it’s a bit old, as instances go…

  3. I so wish that I had found this post sooner! I spent hours on this quest yesterday and seriously thought that I was going to have a nervous break-down by the end of it! (It has got to be one of the worst quests ever created by Turbine and they should be very, very ashamed! 😛 )

    Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for a great write-up and website.

    • Sorry you missed me – least ways until it was too late ;). I was lucky – I learnt to do the instance it a group, well before I ever tried to solo it – so you have my sympathies…!

      Thanks for the feedback, also!

  4. best walkthru I ever followed 🙂 thank you so much, I managed it 1st time with this toon thanks to this!

  5. oh maaan..your walkthrough saved my ass… thank you SO MUCH..I’m very grateful..I hate puzzle quests :l I would’ve spent FOREVER on quests like these..seriously..the game-makers should only make mandatory quests that are relatively solvable by almost everyone..

  6. Morganfey Says:

    Haha! What Mark Lomod said! I never would have gotten that #$%^@! thing done if not for your little schematic here. Thanks a bunch! Now on to the next stage. I do pray it’s not as big a pain!

  7. dont kill the boss before you destroy the crystal. its bugs the quest

  8. Thank You so much! I tried to do it myself for hours! I thought my brain is to tight for that one quest. With this walkthough i finally managed to do that! Really a good piece of work!

  9. Thank goodness for this walkthrough!

  10. Great walk-through, thank you so much. It was a huge help. The one thing I found about the map which worked for me — I had to reorient it to North — place it into photoshop: rotate it by 180 and mirror the image to get a proper lay out of the mirrors. Others might not have to do that, or the layout may work for them as is, but it was helpful for me and just might help someone else if they feel a bit confused.

  11. Ok i managed to do all the mirror thing correctly, but when i finally reached the end, Ergoth wasnt there!! I dont undestand 😦 i killed myself to check everything again, i left the instance and nothing, Ergoth wont appear 😦 does anyone knows how to solve this? Please

    • Did you click on the relic? I’m not sure, at this stage, if you can actually get down to Ergoth without clicking on the relic first – but if you can, and didn’t, then that could be your issue.

      Other than that, it’s possible that the instance it bugged (post Update 8?)…

      • I think its bugged then :/ i did click on the relic. And you can get to Ergoth without doing it but i’ve heard it bugs the quest

  12. I think the solo instance is bugged. I managed 2 possible mirror solutions. All of them after clicking on the relic. And finally the hole opens and Ergoth is never there.

  13. Still broken… 😦

    • but the walkthrough is amazing 🙂

    • Did you raise a ticket? Hopefully Turbine know it’s still broken… 😦

    • Great walkthrough! I got stuck at the last part and fortunately found this guide.

      Speaking of bugs, it appears the solo version does have a bug which does not spawn Ergoth. Now, I got a ticket and someone came (after half an hour, so they must have been real busy tonight) to help out. The GM simply respawned Ergoth for me and I was able to finish the quest. I did mention though that others had issues with this, so hopefully it will be soon fixed. If not, go ahead and ask a GM.

      Also, one suggestion for the last mirror map: it can be misleading in the sense that someone may think that the SHAPE of the mirrors is exactly like it appears on that map. NOT SO. The ONLY thing that someone needs to do is to ensure the beam of light is facing in the same direction as in the map. So keep changing each mirror until the lens sends a beam of light in the same direction as the corresponding red line does.

      In other words, the ONLY thing one needs to notice in that map is the direction of the red lines.

      And there is no real need to speed up. What you need to do is take your time and go to each lens separately and ensure the beam of light is the same as the one shown on the corresponding red light. Once you’re certain of all of them, some will stop lighting due to some defiler. Go ahead and notice which ones are not lighting (even though they should). Then go and kill the corresponding defilers. You may also have to kill one or two task morrovail on the way; but there is NO real rush. I suspect the 3-person instance is tougher here since the respawns are quite nasty. But here they’re very weak.

      As is Ergoth too.

      Thanks again for this great guide!

  14. anonymous Says:

    Just did the Solo quest and it was not bugged for me, I followed the walk-through of the last hall of mirror and everything is working (at the moment) from start to end.

  15. Thank you!! I was absolutely STUCK in this instance last night, and your writeup saved me (the alternative would likely be to just give up that book.) Fantastic directions. Thank you!

  16. impossible without your help, a million thanks !

  17. This guide was the only thing that helped, I couldn’t have done it without it! Thank you!!!!!!!!

  18. Timothy Kruse Says:

    i have a problem, i do not have a good sense of direction so i sort of messing up the mirrors and cant finish,

  19. Your guide saved me from throwing my computer out the window several times; thank you! However, in the final level before the boss, I managed to get all the mirrors perfectly aligned except for the one directly south of the centre of the chamber. Is that just my terrible sense of direction kicking in, or what? I’ve rage quit that instance so many times..

  20. Marie Wright Says:

    I love you! I really really do. I’ve been playing Lotro for 3 years and have had to do this instance on multiple characters. I am directionally challenged in the worst way and can never figure out where I am going, let alone trying to figure out which way to point all the mirrors. I always turn to my boyfriend to do the instance for me but I have always wanted to do it on my own without being playfully taunted by him (“that’s soo easy, you should be able to get this without my help by now”). My mind just does not grasp directions and puzzles, so this instance has been a nightmare for me. Until I came across your page today. I decided to follow your tutorial to see if I could complete it on my own and .. it worked! Thank you so very much! You have no idea how happy you just made me 🙂

  21. Thanks so much for the help. very clear directions

  22. can someone please walk me through lining up the mirrors to get to ergoth? im really confused. other than that, great walkthrough.

    • I’m glad you found it useful. Sorry you’re finding the mirrors tricky. Unfortunately I haven’t been in that instance for many, many, months, at this stage, so I really can’t add anything to help you, other than what’s already published in the post…best of luck anyway….!

  23. Breolen of Rohan, Landroval Says:

    Thank you! I spent all day Saturday trying to run this quest! Excellent walkthrough!

  24. Kristyn Says:

    Thanks so much! You probably saved me hours of useless attempts! 🙂

  25. Seems it is bugged again for solo. I get to the end, line up all the mirrors, making sure they are clean and Ergoth doesn’t spawn and the webbing the centre of the floor doesn’t open! Very frusttrating!

  26. How do I clean the mirrors? Seems I am stuck. Have 3 lots of light coming into centre. The light that takes the longest path stops at last mirror before getting to middle. All are set correctly, have done a couple of 360s with last mirror to be sure. Nothing is clickable to clean it that I can see, nothing is there to kill.

  27. Pennellon Says:

    Thanks so much.

  28. Thank you so much for this!! You saved my sanity 🙂 Alas, at the end, Ergoth would not spawn for me, either, and i had to open a ticket. But otherwise, your walk through is a life saver!

  29. You are so friggin fraggin amazing for posting this – omg – thank you. Did this instance once and the headache was massive. Massive is not an exaggeration. When I saw this guide, I new at last – I was not truly alone in the world. You rock. I love you forever. 🙂

  30. LagCity Says:

    So i was doing this instance and i thought it was bugged at the last mirror and i was trying everything to fix it but i had all the mirrors cleaned and pointing the right way but one mirror was not giving off light although it was positioned rigth and it was cleaned but then i thought well heck if the instance is bugged anyway ill just try to jump down to ergoth even if it wont work but it worked so the conclusion is it didnt show the ligth coming off the last mirror but its acctionally there so if this happens to you doucle check everything and jump down the middle 🙂 Hope i could help 😀

  31. Applenelya Says:

    Thank you SO much for this guide! I don’t think I ever would have figured it out on my own.

  32. I did not do the mirrors in the last room at all. I simply jumped down (on accident), killed the last Task Mistress and then Ergoth, and the instance completed.

  33. Thanks for the walkthrough. Quite an enjoyable puzzle with your help. But without the help, I would probably have given up 😀

  34. And in 2020, this is still one of the most useful and time-saving walkthroughs ever posted for Lotro. Awesome!

  35. By the way, in 2020, it’s no longer necessary to do the last mirror puzzle to access the boss. Once the relic is destroyed, the web blocking access to the boss area opens up and all that’s necessary is to jump down the opening. Warning! the boss will be waiting for you and will instantly attack. Get ready for the boss _before_ jumping down into the boss area.

  36. Jae Onasi Says:

    Thanks for this wonderful guide! It was tremendously helpful!

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