Ready to Rumble

Well, as was hinted at by Turbine, the LoTRO servers were pretty much unavailable for the entirety of Monday – at last to us here in the EU. However, I got home from work last night (Tuesday) and my LoTRO client patched (to Update 4, RoI) within twenty minutes or so, no problems.

A nice surprise awaited those toons that had been through Moria, with half-a-dozen new deeds auto-completing from around the various Moria zones (Flaming Deeds, Silvertine Loads, Dimril Dale, etc). All four of my level 65s picked up 40 Turbine Points (TP) and a few thousand XP, for these deeds. Not to mention the accompanying virtue gains. Nice 🙂

Anyhow, I spent most of the evening sorting out my toons. I currently have six toons with legendary items equipped so the very first thing I did was re-level all of those. That took a wee while.

Next up was a trip to the crafting guilds for my metalsmith, my tailor, and my wood worker, in order to gain mastery of the new guild reputation tier. Over the next day or two, I’ll be doing the same for my weaponsmith and my jeweller. I’m not too bothered about my guilded cook and scholar – I’m happy enough to use non-guilded toons for those.

Finally, I ran my guardian down to the Enedwaith/Dunland border to do a few quests – just to get a feel for the new area. My first impression is very positive.

Welcome to Dunland!

Welcome to Dunland!

It’s just so refreshing to have a new tier of crafting, together with all that comes with it, together with complexly new zones. Having said that, it’s going to take a few weeks for me to get even one toon up to level 75, and there’s no way around that, even if I wanted to get there in a hurry (which I don’t). There are  already level 70-odds running about Gilrain, less than 24 hours after the update…

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