New Moria Deeds from Update 4 (RoI)

Here’s a list of the new deeds, introduced with Update 4 (Rise of Isenguard), that are available within Moria:

Deed Name

No. of quests

Deed reward

Quests of the Great Delving


+1 Innocence and +1 Charity
Quests of the Silvertine Lodes


+1 Empathy
Quests of the Water-works


+1 Innocence
Quests of Durin’s Way


+1 Idealism
Quests of the Redhorn Lodes


+1 Innocence
Quests of the Foundations of Stone


+1 Compassion
Quests of the Dimril Dale


+1 Charity

As the names of the deeds suggest, you have to complete X deeds in the specific zone, in order to finish the specific deed. Each deed also rewards with 5 Turbine Points (TP), so a maximum of 40 additional TP can be earned by completing all 8 deeds. Anyone who has taken their toons through Moria will almost certainly have completed some, or even all, of these deeds already – a nice bonus.

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