RoI – First Impressions

So, Rise of Isenguard is a week old. Many people have been blazing a trail towards Orthanc, and have already reached level 75 on at least one of their characters. I’m afraid that doesn’t extend to me.

I’ve been pottering away at my own leisurely pace, and have my main (my guardian) firmly based out of the new hub, Galtrev, having reached the mid-way stage between levels 67 and 68.

So far, I’ve enjoyed Dunland – in the main. The quest gating means that questing has been very linear, and some of the quests themselves have been banal (to put it mildly) – collecting X Nails in/around Galtrev, for instance…I mean, come on, NAILS? REALLY?? That said, while the quests haven’t been in any way challenging (at least on level), the underlying story line – featuring the warring of the clans allied to / opposed to the ‘White Hand’ – has been fun and interesting. The large amount of legendary item experience doled out as quest rewards is not unwelcome either – I’m finally maxing out my level 65 second age LIs…I’m sure I’ll be replacing them with level 75 versions in the not too distant future, mind you…

Dunland Aventures - 'Hardfang'

Dunland Aventures - 'Hardfang'

The quest rewards in Dunland (I’m talking armour pieces and jewellery, here, mostly) have some very high individual stats on them, but I like a broad range of stats and don’t tend to concentrate on just one or two stats. This means that I have no interest on any pieces that give me very narrow stats and I’ve yet to find anything that I like. I’ll post here when I do…

I can’t comment on the new crafting tier as yet – I haven’t managed to acquire enough raw materials to craft anything worthwhile. At this early juncture, it’s all about collecting materials, processing them, and acquiring mastery of the new crafting tiers. Recipe drops for all crafts seem to be frequent enough, and the auction house is already full of sensibly priced (in the main) cast offs – all good to see.


2 Responses to “RoI – First Impressions”

  1. Yeah I know what you mean. Has been a struggle. Though the high Might, and secondary to that Vit in my priority. Just gotta be careful with Agility being lost too much (down to 450ish now from 630 odd pre-ROI). Some of the stuff can be quite tempting. Very tough to untick ones self from the 3rd or 4th desired stat >.<

  2. Urgh the nails quest! A shocker really. I was flying by quests till I picked up that one, and had a near hour an a half stall.

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