Anyone for some crafting?

Over the last week I’ve been tipping my way through Dunland, still really enjoying the zone. At time of writing, I’ve just completed questing in the Dunbog area. I really liked this south-west corner of Dunland; beautifully detailed, especially the stilt-buildings and raised walkways. The quest-lines have been both fun and interesting, especially the final quests in the area, which involve entering a camp full of orc and troll abominations – indeed, the finale to this are was an instance that was actually challenging!

Lhan Rhos, Dunland

Lhan Rhos, Dunland

All of this has brought me to level 70 where I have that feeling that my level 65 gear is beginning to creak a little. I say my level 65 gear because, alas, I’m still wearing all of the level 65 raid armour that was my standard attire before the release of RoI. Admittedly, much of my jewelry has been replaced/upgraded, but no armour. I’m still wearing a mixture of Moria armour & BG armour – and some of that’s level 59 gear.  So, time to look at the Westfold crafted heavy armour…

The first thing to note about the Westfold crafted armour is that it doesn’t come in same-level-sets. The ‘Moria’ expansion gave us full (i.e. 6 piece) crafted armour sets for levels 51, 54, 56, and 58. Then ‘Lothlorien’ came along and gave us crafted level 60 sets. Most recently, ‘Mirkwoord’ gave us crafted level 65 sets. All well and good. However, in their infinite wisdom, Turbine has decided not to do this for Dunland. Instead, they’re giving us a single pre level 75 crafted armour set (one light, one medium and one heavy set), piecemeal. So, metalsmiths and tailors get:

  • Level 66 gauntlets and pauldrons (that’s shoulders guards, to you and I) recipes. Given automatically once the Westfold crafting tier opens up.
  • Level 68 helm and boots recipes. Random drops – so look in the auction house if you need them in a hurry.
  • Level 70 chest piece recipe. Available from the Dunlending barter merchant and usable once your crafter has ‘Friend’ reputation with Dunlendings.
  • Level 72 leggings recipe. Again, a random drop.

Why the mix of recipe sources? Odd! Also, to me, it looks and sounds like Turbine couldn’t be arsed to design multiple crafted sets, so decided to spread their butter a little thin *sigh*.

Further, the majority of this new crafted armour doesn’t hold up well in comparison to my pre RoI armour, in my opinion. The stats are all too narrow – a Might and Vitality bias – meaning I loose other valuables such as Incoming Heating, some Fate and a little Will. So, on the road to 75 it looks like I’m stuck with the same armour that I’ve had for….well…ages. Meh!

(For the stats of all crafted armour sets, see here.)


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