75 Less 1 = 74

Another week on and my guardian finds himself at level 74. The epic storyline has led him first into, and then out of, Isenguard (it’s BIG!). An enjoyable journey has been, too. The cosmetic prisoners’ outfit that you pick up whilst a prisoner inside Isenguard, is sure to become a favourite with some, as well!

(Off topic – my trouble is, every time I see a toon in a prison suit, the tune of the ‘Smurfsong’ pops into my head, courtesy of the Baron Knights‘ spoof-song, ‘A taste of Aggro’, from the 1970s…

‘Where are you all coming from?’
We’re from Dartmoor, on the run
‘How did you work out your route?’
We followed the arrows on our suit
‘What were you in Dartmoor for?’
We borrowed a safe from the bank next door
‘and why do you all talk this way?’
Cause we’re from Catford, aren’t we? Uh!

and I know there are no arrows on the LoTRO prison suit…but my mind works in mysterious ways…at least ‘a taste of aggro’ is an MMO appropriate title!)

From Dartmoor on the run?

From Dartmoor on the run?

On the quest front, adventuring has brought me nearly to the Ford of Isen. The War of the Ring is beginning to get close I feel, and for me, arriving in this part of the world marks the first time since I entered Moria that I’ve really felt part of the ‘epic’. Mind you, I guarantee that I won’t feel the same by the time I’ve brought another three or four toons through… 😛

With regard to the questing, I still maintain that the extensive chaining of quests makes the game-path too rigid. It’s official – I don’t like this rigidity. Miss one quest and you’ll likely be forced to miss many, many more follow on/linked quests. Also, again repeating myself, on level the quests are all very straightforward – too easy in most cases. I’ve personally had very few issues at all. The only advice I could possibly give would be with the following:

‘Odd Benefactors’

This is quest takes place inside an instance, with the quest giver outside a cave system and the instance taking place inside the said cave system. After killing and collecting what you need, the quest then instructs you to return to the ‘Entrance chamber’ (or something similar). At this point I decided that I couldn’t be bothered finding my way out so, being clever [not!], I decided to use the ‘Leave Instance’ option to bring me back outside.

“All I need to do then” I thought, “is just hop back into entrance chamber to complete the quest”. Mistake. Leaving the instance caused the quest to then become impossible to complete, and I duly had to cancel the quest and restart it from scratch – on the instruction of a GM (whose English was less than brilliant, I have to say). Bugger!

‘Orcs in the Heathfells?’

Part of this quest involves killing four ‘Orc Guards’. Only there aren’t any. Or weren’t any, when I first looked around the area that they were supposed to be. After killing numerous ‘placeholder’ mobs, a couple did spawn for me at these locations – one at 86.7S, 4.4W and one at 86.6S, 4.2W.

Completing this quest took me over 20 minutes, waiting for re-spawns, so patience was the name of the game here.


2 Responses to “75 Less 1 = 74”

  1. Thanks for the tips – I haven’t ventured into Isengard yet, as you say looking forward to feeling more part of the ‘epic’ story line, but the quest structure is a concern to a uber casual player like me who does not have lots of time to wander about confused.

    On the other hand you have infected my brain with the Barron Knights so will not be able to see a prison uniform without the association – cheers!

  2. Re: ‘Odd Benefactors’ issue – this looks to have been sorted by last week’s patch – see notes here.

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