Missed Quests in the Pit of Iron

In my last post I continued my rant-ette about the chaining of quests in all of the Dunland zones. I continue to hear about players who have missed a single quest and ended up missing a load of linked quests as a result. Up until last night, it hadn’t happened to me…

However, last night I was questing in Heathfells, when a funny (odd, not haha!) thing happened. I ran out of quests. Looking at my deed log, my ‘Quests in the Heathfells’ deed was stuck at something like 14 out of 26. Eeeek! So where were the rest of these quests?? I had a ten minute ride around the zone, and couldn’t see any gold rings (quest givers) anywhere. Then I had the bright idea of checking my Heathfells ‘Exploring the Heathfells’ deed. This showed that I had no less than four interest points still to discover within the Heathfells. Clearly I was missing something big. The first of these was ‘The Pit of Iron’.

Now, I’d see in kin-chat and GlobalLFF, talk about the ‘Pit of Iron’. But where was it? A quick Google search revealed that it was north of Grimbold’s camp (exact coords: 86.2S 3.8W). So off I trotted. Sure Enough, following the path north out the camp brought me to the entrance to the ‘Pit of Iron’. But still no quest giver in sight, inside or out!! Clearly I was still missing something.

More time on Google followed until I found mention of a ‘Dwarven Pick-Axe’ not far from the entrance to the Pit (see image below).

The all important Dwarven Pick-Axe. The Entrance to the Pit of Iron can also be seen.

The all important Dwarven Pick-Axe. The Entrance to the Pit of Iron can also be seen (top right).

So, I backtracked, looking carefully, and sure enough, I found the offending pick-axe – I had previously ridden straight past it. In short, this pick-axe, easy to miss, kicks off the quest chain that takes you into the ‘Pit of Iron’, where there are some 10+ quests to complete, including a repeatable (daily) quest which is useful for Theodred’s Riders reputation.

As for the ‘Pit of Iron’ itself, I have to say I like it. It’s definitely change of scene from the whole Dunland ‘thing’, with a very similar feel to the ‘Silvertine Loads’ zone in Moria; loads of ramps, bridges, tunnels, mine-tracks and more; goblins and orcs galore. A 3D-maze, in effect. It’s a challenge, and enjoyable (for me at least). The only thing it’s missing is a mini-map (bold Turbine, bold!), but fortunately there are already a few fan-made maps out there – I found this one the best for me.

Pit of Iron map

Pit of Iron map

I picked the map up from here.


8 Responses to “Missed Quests in the Pit of Iron”

  1. Ahh a map! How awesomely convenient! Count your lucky stars that they’ve fixed the bugs in the Pit of Iron mate, cause when I went in there the first time during the first week of launch, there were holes in the ramps that made you fall to your death, and respawns you in Nan Curunir of all places! Now on to the axe, I have a habit of taking screen-shots of the dialogues from NPC’s upon quest completion, due to a phobia of missing out important information/lore that leads to the next story-line or quest. It so happened that I went through the same thing, missing quests/deeds. So I opened up the screenshot folder and wala, there was a hint in the dialogue to scout in the direction of the caves, and sure enough I found the axe. I wonder how many hundreds of other players will go through this =P

  2. Yes, good source of quests, and home to two repeatables for Theodred’s Riders rep, so good to get that quest chain done. And yeah, the first iteration of the Pit of Irony was very full of holes. Cheers to NOT falling to your death dozens of times!

  3. Great info to avoid missing a load of content & good tip from Adrian about screen shotting the quest completion dialog for future tips especially for me when I could go weeks between one quest and the next.

  4. I was lucky – it was total fluke that I arrived at the Pit of Iron the day after the patch (that fixed the hole-filled-ramps issue) 😀

    Yup – I like that screen-shots tip, Adrian. *Makes mental note to self*!

    Geldarion – I haven’t found that second repeatable yet…but I’ve yet to attempt the first repeatable, so perhaps it becomes available after that? I’ll find out tonight 😉

    • Man you are a lucky so-and-so for that lol. I heard some of our kinnies talking of it loathsomely – thought only due to the no map thing… but I got there pre patch and soon found my own gripe! :O

  5. Cheers, hope it helped =) And if I’m not mistaken the two repeatables would be collecting the ores and slave lashes was it? I dreaded going back in there, cause after finishing all the content, i still had about 7k rep to go with Theodred’s Riders, and I didn’t have a choice. sigh

  6. Yup – the second repeatable (collecting strange ore) is now appearing for me too.

    Strangely, I’m beginning to learn my way around in there – which is just as well because, like yourself Adrian, I’m still over 5k rep short with Theodred’s riders. Having said that, with the four repeatables that are available within Isenguard itself, it’ll only take a couple of days. Phew.

  7. […] who clicks through quest text to just pick up n go (well maybe you deserve it ) – because, as Corleth posted, its hinted only as to where to go (Corleth’s post also includes a Map he found of The Pit of […]

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