Thanks Mr GM!

First up, I just wanted to mention those much maligned folks at Turbine – the GMs. I had a little ‘accident’ over last weekend. Having run the school & library a few times, I’d accumulated enough superior fourth marks to pick up the boots (‘Boots of the Indomitable Protector’) from the Draigoch set, for my guardian.

Boots of the Indomitable Protector

Boots of the Indomitable Protector

However, in a moment of total careless, I bartered for the captain boots (‘Boots of the Gallant Commander’) instead…*facepalm*. With not too much hope, I logged a ticket…and within ten minutes, a very kind GM had sorted me out and corrected the error. Now that’s what I call service*!

* – There is a caveat here, for anyone needing to do this – only three such requests per year are allowed per account, so be warned…you can get away with being stupid, like me, but not too stupid! 😉

Anyhow, this week, with my guardian now at level 75 and pretty well geared, my main activity has been to start moving my rune-keeper though Dunland. She’s now up to level 68. As this is my second time through Dunland, I’m taking a wee bit more time about things, and taking a bit more note of some quest rewards which, at first glance, may have looked fairly worthless. In particular, I like this robe, which cosmetically looks very well, especially when dyed (in this case with Evendim-blue):

Robe of the Learned Stag (in Evendim blue)

Robe of the Learned Stag (in Evendim blue)

So far, I’m finding Dunland fairly easy with my RK, although I expect to run into some difficulties with one or two of the instanced-quests, in due course. It’s one thing to waltz through four or five mobs with a tank – it’s definitely another to do the same with a ‘keeper…

Finally, just a reminder to those of you out there who don’t sign up for the mylotro lotteries (login here) – you’re missing a trick. I’ve actually set one of the home pages on my browser to mylotro, so that I remember to check for & sign up for the very regular lotteries. It only takes a click, and here’s a wee list of some of the goodies that I’ve won over the last week:

  • 5 x +25% Legendary Item XP Boot (45 mins each).
  • 5 x Tomes of sustained experience (+25% XP boost, +10% Item XP from kills).
  • Over 1 gold.
  • Over 100 Autumn festival tokens.

3 Responses to “Thanks Mr GM!”

  1. Hello again! Congrats on reaching 75 with your Guard, and for managing to get that first cappy piece oops I mean the guard piece =) Once you’ve gotten all 4 pieces, your guard should feel pretty much invincible. Anyway about the lotteries, I’m gutted that I haven’t won any of the mounted emote ones, and there were 10 of them that ran during the weekend! Did you manage to win any mate?

    • Thanks for that :D.

      Nope, sadly no mount emote has come my way. I’m curious to see one in action, to be honest…!

      • They actually look pretty decent! A few server friends did a demo in Bree and it sold me. Not sure If I would spend TP for them, but darn I do want them really bad, especially /mountbow, where the horse kneels on it’s front two. That was brilliant. I roleplay a considerable amount, so this would add a ton of fun =)

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