We Killed Draigoch

Very much alive!

Very much alive!

I’m reliably informed that my kin was the fifth kin on the Gilrain server to nail Draigoch, on tier 2, in challenge mode. Not a bad achievement for a casual-raiding kin. I was lucky enough to be one of the twelve on this first successful run, whilst playing my guardian last Sunday night.

A Dead Draigoch

A Dead Draigoch

The run went without a hitch and took a slightly over an hour, by my watch. I wasn’t the main tank, nor was I in the group executing the required FMs, so I probably contributed very little to the overall success of the run. However, at least I can say ‘I wuz there’ (sic) 😉

Draigoch’s challenge-mode loot was quite nice (four chests!), with four people picking up coins for the raid-set (2 x helm and 2 x shoulders). Not me on this occasion, but not to worry about that. I was just happy to get the deeds done, picking up four new titles to boot. These are awarded as follows:

  1. Bathed in Fire’ – for killing Draigoch on tier 1.
  2. Born From The Ashes’ – for killing Draigoch on tier 2 (i.e. the 12 man raid, as opposed to 24 man raid for tier 1).
  3. Manoeuvre Master’ – for killing Draigoch in challenge mode (i.e. executing the 12 special fellowship manoeuvres [FMs] in turn, before killing him).
  4. The Red‘ – for completing 1,2 & 3 above.
Draigoch Titles/Deeds

Draigoch Titles/Deeds

Oh yes – and there’s also this sweet little fireplace in the kinhouse now…ideal for toasted crumpets!

Draigoch's Fireplace

Draigoch's Fireplace

Elsewhere this week, I’ve been kind of quiet. I managed to move my rune-keeper along only slowly – from 68 to 69 (well, almost 70) – and will shortly be entering Dunbog.

I was lucky enough to pick up five ‘Cracked Rhi Helvarch Sigils’ via a mylotro lottery win, during the week though. Added to which, last night, from two successive birch nodes, I picked up two more! These seven sigils will allow me to craft without fear of running out – at least for a few weeks.


2 Responses to “We Killed Draigoch”

  1. Nice one 😀 – I will have to try and join our next run; hopefully an equally successful one, once I have the chance 😀

  2. Wow, congrats and cheers on downing the winged-beast! The titles look good and the yard statue looks amazing. This makes me want to try taking him on with a group, but sadly, I’m the only 75 in me kin and I don’t fancy running with a PUG. Hope to experience this soon though!

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