Cows…and the ‘Steed of the Guardian’

I’d normally pay Turbine’s ‘Store Exclusive’ mounts about as much attention at I would a bug squashed on my car windscreen. A passing glance at best. However, by some weird fluke, my guardian picked up one of the new ‘Steed of the Guardian’ mounts from a mylotro lottery win last Sunday night. And you know what? I love it!

'Steed of the Guardian' (pony)

'Steed of the Guardian' (pony)

The pony (it is a pony, rather than a horse, ‘cos my guardian’s a dwarf) matches in very nicely with my guard’s preferred colour scheme, and looks the part to boot. Would I have paid real world money for it? Not in a month of Sunday’s, but I’m certainly not one to look a gift horse (sorry, pony!) in the mouth 😀

Whilst we’re on the subject of in-game animals (tenuous link, there, I know), I also have to pass comment on a bit of Dunland that I hadn’t noticed before now. The cows are just awesome. ‘Cows!!?’, I hear you yell. Yup, cows. Next time you’re passing, take a look at them. They’re not only very detailed (you can even see their ribs!), but also move in an incredibly realistic manner – flicking their ears and swishing their tails, à la your average Holstein-Friesian.

A cow - in Dunland

A cow - in Dunland

Whichever dev/designer(s) did this work, I’m impressed. Most of the animals in Turbine’s middle earth have no real-world equivalents. The chickens are pretty shapeless; the sheep also. But the cows are really looking good! Fair play, Turbine. Lovely detail, for a part of the game which is almost certainly ignored by the vast majority of players.

Apart from admiring bovines, I have made rapid (well, rapid for me) progress on my rune-keeper this week. She’s now up to level 72, up from 68 last week (and yes, I do call me female toons ‘she’ – see this excellent article on CSTM here, pretty much all of which I agree with). I have to say the last couple of levels have been, in places, very challenging. At the stage where I felt my guardian’s gear was beginning to creak, I have to say that my rune-keeper’s build is really failing badly. Multiple pulls, on-level, at 70, 71 and 72 are often proving fatal. I’m dying – a lot. RKs are squishy, I know, but hey…

A 'ding' in Dunbog

A 'ding' in Dunbog

Anyway, no more whinging from me about an easy ride though Dunland! So, onwards go the brave, and bring on level 75. It can’t come soon enough for my female zapper.


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