Level 75 Rune-Keeper…But what next?

There seems to be a bit of a lull, in-game, at the moment, at least in the neck of the woods that I frequent. Those that wanted to ‘beat’ Draigoch have done so, and there’s no other end-game content to get excited about. There’s only so many 12-man skirmishes that most people will run, after all. The end result is that you either level alts, or do your gaming elsewhere. I’m still doing the former, but many are doing the latter. Skyrim, Modern Warfare, and SWTOR* beta, all seem to be drawing people away from LoTRO (plus some are obviously involved in the ‘Update 5’ testing on Bullroarer, too).

* – I fully intend to try SWTOR, after release, myself.

As for the here and now, I’ve spent most of my LoTRO game-time, during the last week or so, levelling my rune-keeper. She finally hit level 75 yesterday, while questing in the infamous ‘Pit of Iron’. I’ve decided that although I won’t be grinding out superior fourth marks [for the Draigoch armour set] on her, I do intend to equip her with a level 75 crafted armour (Assault Armour of Theodred), plus complete all of the non-repeatable quests around Isenguard, before considering her ‘done’. At the very least I want to hit kindred reputation with Theodred’s Riders, before doing ‘something else’. So, still a few more hours of zapping lie in front of me & my ‘keeper, over the next week.

Hitting Level 75 - inside the 'Pit of Iron'

Hitting Level 75 - inside the 'Pit of Iron'

Going back to the final few levels before hitting 75…in my post last week, I commented that I was finding levelling much more challenging on my RK, compared to my previous experience of levelling my guardian. That pretty much continued all the way up to 75, with a few quests in each area causing me significant grief. Several of these had to wait until I made level 75, at which point I was able to re-visit them to complete…’The Battle of Dol Baran’ instance in the Heathfells, together with killing ‘the Devourer’ in The Pit of Iron, both come to mind here. Once at level-cap however, the following upgrades really made the difference:

  • Swapping out my level 65 second-age rune-stone for a level 75 3rd age stone.
  • Replacing old level 65 raid armour pieces with level 75 crafted armour (2 pieces done, to date).
  • Replacing several jewellery pieces (both level 65 crafted and quest reward items) with level 75 crafted items.

My will, fate and vitality have now increased significantly (from what they were at the end of level 74), together with DPS. All in all, I feel like my RK is beginning to come together.

I’m now looking forward to ‘Update 5’, which is due next month; the two new 3-man instances, two new 6-man instances, and the new 12-man instance, are all to be looked forward to. In the meantime, once I’m done working on my RK, the decision is what to do to fill in the time….level another toon to 75? I feel maybe I need a break from levelling, so I’m considering checking out the ‘Moors….creep-side 😉

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