A Taste of Creep

So I’ve been giving the ‘Moors a try, creep side. I’ve run with a couple raids – we lost a few keeps. I’ve even started working on my maps. But I don’t think it’s for me. PvP combat is quite different from PvE (you have to keep moving!!) and my rank 1 Warleader is dying….a LOT. I presume that it’s a just sad fact of life that low ranked creeps are no more than a tidbit for your average level 75 freep, especially when they’re a ‘noob’ at PvP combat like me?

Corgash - Rank 1 Warleader...sqishy as hell!

Corgash - Rank 1 Warleader...squishy as hell!

Oh yes. Did I mention burning through some 20,000 destiny points in order to equip creepy traits? Meh.

So, will I keep up my creep? Maybe, but only on the occasions that I’m bored elsewhere…

So, back freep-side, my rune-keeper is looking quite well-rounded now. Despite my earlier protestations, I’ve actually spent the time to acquire several pieces of the Draigoch set for her (including the light helm from a successful Draigoch raid), and she has level 75 crafted light armour for all her other ‘bits’. Kindred rep with ‘Theodred’s Riders’ has been acquired (those last 10,000 or so rep points are torture, as I’m seriously not a fan of the repeatables in either Isenguard itself or ‘The Pit of Iron’). Still, I now have two pretty well geared toons, heading into Update 5 and the Christmas holidays…


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