Update 5 – random thoughts

Update 5 hit LoTRO yesterday. Thankfully the patching process was very smooth and quick (less than 20 minutes, for me), but I guess it was only a small update, as these things go. So what’s new?

We have a good chunk of new group content with three new 3-man instances, a new 6-man and a new 12-man. That should keep us busy over Christmas, and PUGing has never have been easier, thanks to the new ‘Instance Finder’ – if PUGing’s floats your boat…By the way, these new instances only open up on completion of the Isenguard: deed. In order to complete this deed, you need to head up to the new camp that’s been established, just to the east of Orthanc at 79.2S 1.1E – see map, below:

Location of the Ox-Clan Merchant Camp in Nan Curunir

Location of the Ox-Clan Merchant Camp in Nan Curunir

Edit: The quickest way to get to the Ox-Clan Merchant Camp (see above), is via a pair of quest givers, right outside the Auction House in Galtrev – Gwin and Mabon. The quest from Mabon will port you right into the camp. I presume you have to be level 75 for these quests to become active…

Added to the Update 5 mix, we have some new chapters of the epic book in the form of volume 3, book 5, ‘The Prince of Rohan’. Tip – head back to the ‘Rohirim Scout Camp’ (80.9S 10.6W) to start v3b5. This new epic content centres around Theodred’s Riders and the battle for the Ford of Isen. I played through it last night, on my rune-keeper, in about an hour. Short it may be, but even so, I have to say that it’s gripping stuff. I sometimes have a tendency to skip over quest text, but this part of the story is excellent, so take it in! We’re really staring to get a feel for the war between Rohan and Sarauman kicking off.

Elsewhere in the update, we also have the currency unification. This is great in my book – may there be more of the same going forward. My chests are still cluttered up with barter items from Lothlorien, Mirkwood and Enedwaith – not to mention the ‘In Their Absence’ quests. Can we loose all of these too, please Turbine?

I’m delighted to see the new Lua Manager included. My much loved Buffbars and Palantir plugins are now loaded automatically for all toons – including my War Captain. Kudos Turbine.

Finally, we no longer have to head back to Mirkwood and/or Enedwaith to get scrolls for our LIs. ‘The Defence of Galtrev’ level 75 repeatable (picked up in Galtrev itself), apart from now awarding Theodred’s Riders reputation, also rewards with a variety of LI improvement scrolls. Useful to know.

In game over the last week, I’ve not done a whole lot. My War Captain is now Rank 2 (I can tell you’re awestruck…). I’ve also levelled my minstrel from 65 though to 67, gaining ‘Friend’ reputation with the Men of Dunland on the way. This was mainly to get access to the jeweller, cook and prospector recipies, that she was missing, and that can only be acquired from the Dunland reputation vendor in Galtrev once you hit ‘Friend’…

I also picked up a second ‘Worn Symbol of Celebrimbor’ on my guardian, during a Draigoch run – so my guard now has both a level 75 second age weapon and belt. Handy.

New Guardian's Belt - lvl75, 2nd age

New Guardian's Belt - lvl75, 2nd age


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