Dargnakh and other new Update 5 beasties

Update 5 has now been out for two-and-a-half weeks, so I thought it was about time to post a few thoughts, especially with regard to the new instance cluster.

So far I’ve run the 6-man instance, ‘The Foundry’ twice on tier-1 (T1), both times successfully. It’s a nice little instance, but not up there with classics like ‘Sammath Gul’ and ‘Forges’, as far as I’m concerned. The tier-1 runs were straightforward enough until the last boss encounter (actually three bosses together), but there-in lies a bit of a challenge, even on T1. I’m sure I’ll be giving T2 a go over the Christmas period, so I’ll see how we fare then.

I’ve only tried two out of the three 3-man instances (‘Dargnakh Unleashed’ and ‘Pits of Isenguard’, to date. Both of those I’ve attempted, I’ve finished (on T1). Again, they are nice to run; short and challenging enough on T1 without being brutal (that comes with T2) I would think.

Dargnakh Dead :)

Dargnakh Dead 🙂

As for the new 12-man, ‘The Tower of Orthanc’, my kin have downed the first four bosses on T1. We were working a strategy for the fifth boss when we ran out of time (folks have to sleep, you know!). So far, this raid looks to be the best of the new instances – lots of variety, plenty of challenge (even on T1) and oodles of content. Nice job, Turbine.

Last night we even found time to have a bash at the revamped Draigoch raid. The cuddly dragon now has three-million less morale (now down to just over six million), so the whole instance goes a bit quicker. The strategy hasn’t changed any – the three phases each just go that bit more rapidly, so the overall feel is for a more compact and enjoyable experience. That said, if you nailed Draigoch before Update 5, you’ll definitely find doing it after Update 5, easier.

Away from grouping, I’ve now brought both my minstrel and my lore-master up to level 67 and, more importantly for crafting purposes, to ‘friend’ reputation with Dunland. In my spare time I’ll probably continue to level these two, but only when I’m not raiding/grouping, so level 75 is going to be months off for both of them. I’m still more than half-tempted to start levelling my burglar instead. At level 50, he’s on the cusp of entering Moria in anger, and with all the level 58 class quests now soloable, there’s not much to stop a clean run through all the way to Lothlorien. Anyhow, that’s all for 2012!

So, finally, for those of you reading this that celebrate Christmas – have a good one 😉


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