Nimble Black Goat

So last weekend, I finally killed the last few Kergrim that I need in Skumfil. The ‘Nimble Black Goat’, awarded for the Moria Meta-deed, now belongs to my guardian.

Moria Meta Deed complete!

Moria Meta Deed complete!

It took a while (!!), but it’s a handsome beastie (see below):

Nimble Black Goat

Nimble Black Goat

Over the last week, I’ve also hit kindred with Theodred’s Riders on my lore-master, and finished up all non-repeatable quests in the Isenguard and Dunland zones. That’s my third level 75 toon though the Dunland & Isenguard zones.

The big news this week came from Turbine, who announced that a new zone will be coming this spring, when ‘Update 6’ hits. This new “Great River” zone looks like it will link Dunland with Lothlorien. Another major change for Update 6 looks to be that skirmish soldiers will be summon-able during general play. This, to me, is a definite nod towards the perceived success of the ‘companion system’ in SWTOR – even though skirmish soldiers are not likely to be allowed in instances, for the time being at least, due to balance reasons. My opinion on this change is nothing but positive – for those players like myself, who only play skirmishes very occasionally, it will move the skirmish soldier from a neglected backwater into the mainstream of our play. I hope that Turbine see fit to increase the cosmetic options available for skirmish soldiers too – otherwise there will be a large number of very similar looking toons running around the game….

Looking further ahead, Turbine also announced within the last week, a major new release of content for the autumn, to include the plains of Rohan, mounted combat, and the level cap being raised to 85. Phew! It looks like it’s going to be a busy year for players and developers alike!

Moving back to the current content, I’ve spent a good bit of time this week running the 3-mans around Isenguard. This includes:

  • completing ‘The Pits’, tier-2, on my guardian.
  • completing ‘The Pits’, tier-1, on my rune-keeper.
  • completing ‘Fangorns Edge’, tier-1, on both my guardian and my rune-keeper.

Next up will be a run or two through ‘Dargnakh Unleashed’.

Out of the three, 3-man instances around Isenguard, I like “The Pits” best. The boss fights, as with “Fangorn’s Edge”, are challenging, but fun. I just wish the number of deeds wasn’t so great. You have to run each instance in about 20 (slight exaggeration, I know!) different ways in order to complete all the deeds, making them somewhat of a grind, in my opinion. I’d personally have preferred more random drops and fewer deeds!

Looking forward over the coming weeks, I really should start moving my minstrel on from level 67 on towards 75, but I’m just sick of Dunland at the moment, so I’m going to change pace a little and start levelling my burglar (currently level 50) again. First stop, Eregion!


4 Responses to “Nimble Black Goat”

  1. Congrats on the goat! Black goats are classy ; equivalent to the rolls royce of middle earth 😉 Anyway, got any plans on writing a guide to the Isengard 3-man instances? Folks like me would cherish that dearly. Cheers mate

    • Thanks Adrian! No plans to write a guid on the Isenguard 3-mans just yet – still need to practise them a bit more myself – that’s not to say it won’t happen….eventually 😛

      • And when you do, I will be waiting =) Anyway, I’ve just hit level cap with my 2nd toon, my Warden and I feel the same way you do, sick of Dunland. But the journey through it the second time has been more memorable than the first. Looking to get work started on my level 30 Captain now!

  2. Really cool goat! I have never produced a character of higher level than my lvl.32 Champion, but I really want this goat. Maybe one day…

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