Where is the Bat Cave?

So, where is the ‘Bat Cave’? The answer, of course, as pretty much everyone knows, is “Under Wayne Manor”…unless of course you’re playing a level fifty-something toon within Moria in LoTRO…in which case the answer is “somewhere around 4.3S, 110.2W in Western Durin’s Way!”…

Which leads me nicely (?) on to the fact that Western Durin’s Way is just one of areas I’ve recently visited with my Burglar, who I have brought on to level 58 over the last few weeks. I admit, I am kind of enjoying Moria again. This is the fifth toon that I’ve brought through this truly epic zone, and it’s a refreshing change of pace from the wide open spaces of Enedwaith & Dunland (which have been my regular playing fare over the last year or so).

Fightin' in the Waterworks

Fightin' in the Waterworks

Will we ever see the like of Moria again, in LoTRO? Almost certainly not, and that makes me sad. I remember vividly the huge excitement when entering Moria for the very first time, back around Christmas in 2008. No zone has come close to the epic scale of it since – and possibly, that’s the way it should be. We now move on towards mounted combat and the (potentially) large-scale battles of the Helm’s Deep and The Pelenor Fields…

Looking forward to the more imminent future, Turbine is now releasing more detail on Update 6, which will see the new ‘Great River’ zone link Lothlorien, with northern Rohan (and Isenguard).This new zone will provide more level 75 content – but I is it really needed? I can’t raise too much enthusiasm for more end-game grinding, I’m afraid. And the promised ‘landscape soldier’ isn’t going to be as useful as was first thought either – you’ll have to buy a token in order to activate your skirmish soldier for one hour ‘in landscape’. Meh.

Anyhow, back to the present. Elsewhere in-game, I’ve done precious little raiding since successfully tanking Draigoch with my guardian (*puffs out chest*), about a month ago. The appetite for the Draigoch raid, plus the Isenguard 3 and 6 man instances, seems to be at a very low ebb at this stage. I think the general feeling is “been there, done that, can’t be bothered to grind them for the sake of gear which will be no use come the autumn” (when the level cap is raised agin, this time to 85). A fair point, I think.

The only box we haven’t yet managed to tick, within the kin, is the 12-man Isenguard raid – Sarauman still alludes us. That said, we never finished the Ost Dunhoth [the level 65 12-man raid in Enedwaith] either, so maybe we should go back and have a crack off that…


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