End of the line (again) – An extended cut

The human psyche being what it is, ‘closure’ is very important to almost all of us. To look at an extreme, this is evidenced by the lengths that society as a whole will go to in order to give ‘closure’ to individuals who have lost a loved one. A recent example from this part of the world being when a fishing vessel went down outside a well-known Co Cork harbour and all but one of the crew were ‘missing’, drowned. Even after several weeks of fruitless searching, the coast guard, the Irish navy and, and volunteers, were still turning out to dive and search for bodies – knowing that the families of the missing, not to mention the local community, needed the ‘closure’ provided by the bodies being found. As I say, this is an extreme case, but less dramatic cases affect most of us from time to time.

It strikes me that the worst aspect of the Mass Effect 3 original ending, is the lack of ‘closure’. We are left with no confirmation as to what exactly happened to Shepard, et al. In my opinion, this is what really irks the majority of players. If everyone dies, fine. Show us a cut scene of the bodies. A gravestone. Something. The garbled and nonsensical ending, just offers nothing but loose ends, and down-right confusion. The rumour mill that is the internet, doesn’t help, because ‘closure’ could only be given by Bioware. So, prior to last week’s ‘Extended cut’ DLC release, we were left in limbo.

Regardless of whether Bioware created the said state of limbo by design, or by accident, it still stank. Yes, it’s only a computer game, but it still cost each-and-every player a substantial amount of money, and while many hours of enjoyment were had before hitting the eventual horror of an end-game, it didn’t make up for being left well and truly hanging. In fact, if the overall emotional and intellectual involvement that ME3 created had been less, I almost certainly wouldn’t be blogging about it. As it is, the strength of the characters, the story, and the game play just made the whole lack of closure all the worse.

So, having just played through the new ‘Extended Cut’ ending, I have to say, thanks a million Bioware. About fucking time. I even shed a small tear 😉

P.s. I still miss my Sheppard. I’m a hardcore member of the Fem Shep movement, by the way. She ROCKS!


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